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Powering Your Scanner

See this article to check out all the ways of supplying power to your scanner


For those living in urban areas, putting up a good antenna (with the proper coax) can cause overloading. Sometimes this overloading shows up as pagers and other unwanted signals showing up in places where you don't want to hear them. These links show a few manufacturers that make filters for specific problem areas of the spectrum;

See the FM Bandstop Filter Comparison Thread for a discussion of several FM bandstop filters.


Scanner Mounts

Scanner Stands


Carry Cases for handhelds


Bluetooth Wireless Headsets

New Bluetooth Technology for radios!

I have discovered a company with new Bluetooth Technology that is perfect for scanner monitoring, two-way radio use AND simultaneously connects to cellular telephone Bluetooth! You can use it with your scanner and/or two-way radio together or separately and everything is controlled via a single Bluetooth ear set. It allows for full function cell phone voice commands as well. Check it out at: [1]

Cables and connector adapters

Belt and Swivel Clips

Huge selection of clips

Remote Scanner Heads

Compression tools and connectors for various cables