Air Medical and State EMS (TN)

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Tennessee Advanced Communications Network (TACN)

Project 25 Phase II

UT LIFESTAR uses this system.

LifeForce (Chattanooga)

  • LifeForce 1 is based at Cleveland Regional Jetport in Cleveland, TN
  • LifeForce 2 is based at Upper Cumberland Regional Airport in Sparta, TN
  • LifeForce 3 is based at Tom B. David Field Airport in Calhoun, GA
  • LifeForce 4 is based at McCaysville Industrial Park in McCaysville, GA
  • LifeForce 5 is based at Winchester Municipal Airport in Winchester, TN
  • LifeForce 6 is based at Andrews Base in Andrews, NC

Vanderbilt LifeFlight (Nashville)

  • LifeFlight 1 is based in Gallatin (N107VU)
  • LifeFlight 2 is based in Tullahoma ((N107VU)
  • LifeFlight 3 is based in Clarksville (N103VU)
  • LifeFlight 4 is based in Mount Pleasant (N104VU)
  • LifeFlight 5 is based in Murfreesboro (N106VU)
  • LifeFlight 6 is based in Paris (N105VU)
  • LifeFlight 7 is based in Cookeville (N108VU)
  • LifeFlight 8 is based in Humboldt (N101VU)
  • LifeFlight 10 is based in Nashville (N911VU) - this unit is a fixed-wing aircraft

UT Lifestar (Knoxville)

  • LifeStar 1 is based at Moore-Murrell Field in Morristown, TN (N136UT)
  • LifeStar 2 is based at Rockwood Municipal Airport in Rockwood, TN (N719LS)
  • LifeStar 3 is based at Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge Airport in Sevierville, TN (N408UT)
  • LifeStar 4 is based at Campbell County Airport in Jacksboro, TN (N407UT)
  • LifeStar 5 is based at Pleasant Grove Road in Sweetwater, TN (N470YB)

Wings Air Medical (Johnson City)

  • Wings I - Elizabethton, TN (N453MT)
  • Wings II - Greeneville, TN (N631MT)
  • Wings III - Jenkins, KY (N765MT)
  • Wings IV - Marion, VA (N732MT)

Air Evac Lifeteam

  • AEL 7 is based in Jackson
  • AEL 9 is based in Lewisburg
  • AEL 19 is based in Lafayette
  • AEL 20 is based in Crossville
  • AEL 31 is based in Martin
  • AEL 37 is based in Waverly
  • AEL 40 is based in Arkansas
  • AEL 41 is based in Etowah
  • AEL 44 is based in Manchester
  • AEL 72 is based in Waynesville
  • AEL 75 is based Dyersburg
  • AEL 94 is based in Savannah
  • AEL 123 is based in Paris