Businesses, Railroads, Media, Attractions and Recreation De Witt County (IL)

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Notes and observations:

  • 452.0750 D116, hit in Farmer City, previous hits elsewhere (4/23/15)
  • 462.6625 D506, mobiles, heard in downtown Clinton (11/13)
  • 463.7250 D306, repeater or portables, heard in Farmer City (11/13)
  • 453.7250 79.7 PL, hit in Farmer City, no area license? (4/23/15)
  • 464.3750 DMR, Color Code=1, Decode-able voice - heard Farmer City, may be KOPP FARMS WNRO418 Farmer City (or WQPE758 (Ludlow Co-op Elevator Co) in Paxton-Ford)
  • 464.4750 156.7 PL, Repeater, comms/ops in use, Full Scale, Cerro Gordo (4/13) Full Scale - school buses? 7:30am (Argenta)
  • 464.5500 D115, mobiles, heard SW of Clinton (3/14)
  • 464.7250 250.3 PL, Repeater, mobile units talking about dredging the creek, farming? (Farmer City 10/23/14)
  • 467.6875 CSQ, heard in downtown Clinton (11/13)


  • ADM Grain 461.825 Repeater, 461.8625 Base/Mobile; 461.9375 Base/Mobile(Farmer City) (7K/11K) WQOQ269
  • Utterback Farms 464.15 Repeater - Feed Grain Ops (Weldon): WPKM235 -
  • Whitted Farms 151.58 Mobiles (11K at Clinton) WQPD829


Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
451.15000  456.15000   KBJ295   RM    CltnPwrPlnt5 Clinton Power Plant (Not noted in use)  P25  Utilities 
153.45500      KNBH970   BM    CltnPwrPlnt2 Clinton Power Plant  FMN  Utilities 
153.65000      KNBH970   BM    CltnPwrPlnt3 Clinton Power Plant  FMN  Utilities 
151.55000      WNGR873   BM    CltnPwrPlnt1 Clinton Power Plant  FMN  Utilities 
154.47875      WPGC782     CltnPwrPlnt7 Clinton Power Plant: Data (CSQ)  FMN  Data 
154.48250      WPGC782     CltnPwrPlnt8 Clinton Power Plant: Data (CSQ)  Telm  Data 
451.05000  456.05000   KBJ295   RM  293 NAC|TG 1  CPP 451.05V Clinton Power Plant: Ops  P25  Utilities 
451.05000  456.05000   KBJ295   RM  933 NAC  CPP 451.05D Clinton Power Plant: Data?  P25  Utilities 
451.47500  456.47500   KBJ295   RM  293 NAC  CPP 451.475 Clinton Power Plant  P25  Utilities 

Fast Food Restaurants

Hardees - Clinton (indpnt owned by

  • 457.5125 CSQ Carrier, 71.9 when activated with customer
  • 468.4875 88.5 PL - Drive Thru Headsets to Customer

Attractions and Recreation

Farmer City Raceway

  • Farmer City Ambulance provides medical coverage at the track. Visitors should monitor 158.775 (repeater output) or 153.755 (repeater input) 141.3 PL for ambulance radio transmissions during the races. (This repeater is shared with Farmer City PD, so police units at the race track will also be on this channel).
  • Clinton Country Club 452.4875 Mobiles (11K Voice/Data for Golf Course) WQND219
  • Clinton Country Club 457.4875 Mobiles (11K Voice/Data for Golf Course) WQND219