Businesses, Railroads, Media, Attractions and Recreation McDonough County (IL)

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  • Ault Farms 460.775 Repeater (Good Hope) WPKW256
  • Cook Farms 151.865 Base/Mobile (Scotia) KNFC716
  • Herndon Farms 159.7125 Mobiles (11K at Macomb) WQLI455
  • Kelso Farms 461.9 Repeater (Macomb) WQOR473
  • Kleinkopf Farms 452.125 Repeater (Colchester) WPJN729
  • Lewis Farms 452.075 Repeater (Blandinsville) WPBS598
  • Pendarvis Farms 464.2 Repetaer (Bushnell) WNBF926
  • Reubush Farms 152.945 Base/Mobile (11K at Macomb/Good Hope)
  • Sullivan Farms 152.96 Base/Mobile (Macomb) WNPM357
  • Zimmerman Farms 152.87 Base/Mobile (Tennessee) WXD411
153.1325  M  WQLY418 Jackson, William: Farming/Trucking 11K (Macomb)
452.35  457.35  RM  WQJY201  BainterFarm  Baitner, Chuck Farms (Macomb)
160.15500  WPQE870  BM  Cavett Farm  Cavett, Lonnie: Farming [Expired 8/05]   
159.88500  WPPV707  BM  Dorethy Farm  Dorethy, Mike (Macomb)  
452.85000  WQGP574  RM  Fowler Farm  Fowler, Lewis O: Farming (Macomb)  
160.09000  WPQE872  M   Lind Ag Svc  Lindall Aerial Ag Service (Macomb) [Expired 8/05]  
461.05000  WQID538  RM  RussellGrain  Russell Grain Inc.: Elevator Ops (Industry)  
451.72500  WQEC982  RM  UAP Richter  Ward Crop Service Inc DBA UAP/Richter - Crop Spraying (Blandinsville)


151.89500  WNQN410  BM 97.4 PL Lovejoy Stev  Lovejoy, Steven R (@ Walnut Grove) 
152.75000  0003554111  RM  WesleyVillag  Wesley Village: Assisted Living Facility Ops (@ Macomb)
469.55000  M 88.5 PL The Forum  The Forum - nightclub/bar  FM  Business  

Retail / Fast Food

154.57000  M   Ace Hardware     
457.51250  M   Hardees (Rte 136) [WPMJ302 terminated license, freq not on
457.53750  71.9   KFC/LJS (Macomb) Both (2/17)
457.53750  118.8  KFC/LJS (Macomb) Internal Comms (2/17)
468.76250  88.5   KFC/LJS (Macomb) Order Taker (2/17)
469.01250  M   Wendy's    
469.01250  M 131.8 PL  Taco Bell  
921.21500  M   McDonalds (Westside)   
921.95000  M   Burger King (Jackson Street)  

Former Use

  • 467.90 M 465 DPL Kmart Macmb K-Mart/Sears Appliance (Macomb)

Service Companies

Waste Management now uses Cellular phones, although antennas remain on vehicle.

151.74500  KRY544  BM 156.7 PL Purdum Elec  Purdum Electric (@ Macomb)  FM  Business  


  • KRY544 151.745 Base/Mobile (11K at Macomb) KRY544

Insight Communications *Will become Comcast in 2008

461.25000  KNHY834  RM 265 DPL Insight Mac  Insight Cable (Macomb)
   (uses code based system for service calls, etc)  
463.37500  KNHY835  FF  Insight M*RF  Insight Cable: Remote Links
   (Probably to/from 461.325R in Canton-FultonCounty)  
157.86000       McDonough County Telephone Coop  
157.95000       McDonough County Telephone Coop  
451.45000  KUP946  RB   Verizon North (Macomb)  
456.45000  KQ2662  M   Verizon North (Macomb) (input to 451.45)