Businesses, Railroads, Media, Attractions and Recreation Piatt County (IL)

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  • Bateman Farms 452.8125 Repeater (NFM at Mansfield) WQNM807
  • Briggs Farms 452.025 Repeater (NFM at Cisco) KAK531
  • Deland Farms 461.375 Mobiles (NFM at Deland) WPDT464
  • Piatt County Service Co 153.305 Repeater with 158.325 (NFM R@Bemont, FX1@ Monticello) KWJ620
  • Stoerger Farms 463.65 Repeater (Monticello) KNCY869
  • Timmons Farms 451.775 Repeater (Galesville) KDM799


  • Piatt County Transportation Agency 464.95 Repeater (Monticello) WQJQ979 PIATTRAN

Raccoon Creek Energy Center

  • 452.15000 457.15000 WQAY446 RM Electrical Provider (also on 452.45 Clay Co)

Monticello Railway Museum

  • Excursion trains run on weekends May through October. Other operations on an as needed basis.
  • 160.63500 WNLF855 BM Railway Ops / Museum Ops (3 bases, 19 mobiles)
  • 160.33500 Secondary / Yard Ops (3 bases, 19 mobiles)

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