Businesses, Railroads, Media, Attractions and Recreation Vernon County (MO)

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Communications Companies

Western Nevada 1 461.10000 RM  WNCW383 Western Comunications Company (Nevada)
Western Nevada 2 464.45000 RM  WNCW383 Western Comunications Company (Nevada)


  • Aquila 451.125 451.12500 RM WNVC740 Aquila (part of TRS?, also WNNB485, WQET952)
  • Focal Dairies 451.98750 RM WQEW525 Focal Dairies, LP (Nevada)

Heartland Behavioral Health Services

  • 8/12 App 0005360346 451.325 Repeater (11K Nevada) Treatment Center


  • ADM Processing 451.8625 Repeater (7/11K at Deerfield) WQNX244 (other mob freqs)
  • Forkner Farms 153.335 Base/Mobile (Horton/Richards) WQH384
  • Forkner Farms 152.435 (Richards) WQPT922
  • Holcomb Farms 152.42 Repeater with 157.68 input (11K at Nevada) WQOL498
  • Jeans Farms 152.3225 RM WQLY635 Jeans, Wayne: Farming (Richards, 157.5825 in)
  • Ast Farms 153.305 Base/Mobile (Nevada) WPMK528


Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
159.82500      WQPP399   BM  CSQ  M Nod Taxi M Nod Taxi and Shuttle Service (Nevada)  FMN  Transportation 
151.95500        79.7 PL  Walmart Vern Wal-Mart: Management/Stockers  FMN  Business 
152.39000  157.65000   KAU621   RM  82.5 PL  3M Maintenance 3M: Maintenance  FMN  Business 
153.08000  158.30000   KNNK805   RM  141.3 PL  3M Security 3M: Security (Scrambled)  FMN  Security 
151.86500        BM  71.9 PL  SutherlandsLumbr Sutherlands Lumber  FMN  Business 


Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
159.64500  WRAD344   BM  223 DPL  Classic Cab Classic Cab (Moundville)  FMN  Transportation 



Attractions and Recreation

Frequency  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
154.38500  CSQ  Nev Speedway Nevada Speedway: Racetrack Ops  FMN  Business 

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