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  • 151.805 D131 ful scale near Circle K (2/21)
  • 618 Civil Contracting - 461.2 75W Repeater with 40-50W mobiles (NFM/DMR?NXDN) 11/23 FCC Application 0010754916

Centralia Equipment and Machine

  • Provides industrial and commercial machine, metalworking and welding services.
  • 20-5W portables on 462.2125 (DMR) at 2400 S. Wabash Ave WRWY608


North American Lighting (Salem)

  • 452.35 45W Repeater, 50-4W portables on 456.5875, 462.0875, 464.7625, 467.0875, 469.7625 (NFM/DMR) WRYX360



  • AHLF Acres 452.35 Repeater (NFM Voice Data at Odin) 9/12 App 0005432684
  • Britt Farm 159.84 Base/Mobile (11K at Patoka) WPUN6577
  • Carter Farms 159.585 Base/Mobile (Sandoval) WZJ522
  • Headley Farms 463.35 Repeater (11K at Alma) WQPG498
  • Keister Farms 461.9125 Base/Mobile (11K at Patoka) WQLL817
  • Keister Farms 152.915 Base/Mobile (Patoka) KBL910
152.33750  WQBD706  RM  ADM GC Pat1  ADM Grain Company - Farming (Patoka)  
151.97000  WQBD706  BM  ADM GC Pat2  ADM Grain Company - Farming (Shobonier/Patoka)  
151.77500  WQBD706  BM  ADM GC Pat3  ADM Grain Company - Farming (Shobonier/Patoka)  
152.42750  WQJQ375  RM  WilliamsFarm  Williams Famliy Farm (Alma)

Fast Food

  • 33.4 Taco Bell (Salem)


  • Wilkerson Rail Transfer 151.79, 151.91 Mobiles (11K at Centralia) WQPC579
467.7626  WPII589  M  North American Lighting (NAL)  
467.9000  WPII589  M  North American Lighting (NAL)  
451.3125  WQKB842  M  Graphic Packaging International (Centralia)
451.3625  WQKB842  M  Graphic Packaging International (Centralia)
456.2875  WQKB842  M  Graphic Packaging International (Centralia)
456.3125  WQKB842  M  Graphic Packaging International (Centralia)
451.2875  WQKB842  M  Graphic Packaging International (Centralia)


  • Heartland Gas 464.2 Repeater (NFM at Iuka) WQAH406
  • Tri-County Auto Repair and Towing - 159.75 Base/Mobile; mobiles on 157.545, 157.575, 159.57, 160.17 (NFM at Iuka) FCC Application 0005649753
157.96000  KBZ451  BM  Beelhman Tk1  Beelman Trucking Company    
451.81250  KBZ451  M  Beelhman Tk2  Beelman Trucking Company    
461.80000  WNGF988  RM  Craig,Larry  Craig, Larry W  
463.20000  WPKQ533  RM  IEComm 4632  IE Communications (Salem) [Term]  
464.80000  WPKQ530  RM  IEComm 4648  IE Communications (Salem) [Term]  
159.67500  WQEP323  BM  MooreTruckng  Bob Moore Trucking Company (Salem)  
461.37500  WPPZ753  RM  USI Marion  United Science Industries (Marion)  


152.39000  KSA240  RM  TCEC F-2  Tri-County Electric Cooperative [F-2]  
451.47500  WPGC742  BM   Consolidated Water Service - Centralia [Expired 2/05]  
451.47500  KXQ365  RM  Odin Telepho  Odin Telephone Exchange Inc (Odin)  
452.02500  WQBZ514  RM  Ameren Mario  Ameren: Operations (w/ Telephone Interconnect Patoka)  
456.20000  WPKN758  F   Raccoon Water Company [Expired 10/02]  
464.20000  WQHA406  RM   Heartland Gas LLC: Security, Admin, Maintenance (Iuka)