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Codes/Units/Station Lists

State Park Unit Numbers

The Department utilizes two radio systems, one for day-to-day park operations, often called the "legacy" system, and the STARS system, used primarily for law enforcement.

The "legacy" system predates STARS and is a conventional system, typically used only within a park. Equipment utilized includes portable, mobile, and base station radios, and in a few instances a park may operate a repeater. The callsigns for these locations are typically the park name or an abbreviation of the park name and the number designation of "100." For example Pocahontas State Park's office is "P O 100." Additional staff would use the same prefix and sequential number. The numbering system varies from site to site. As most users of the system are casual radio users and because the legacy radios work only within the park users may often forego the prefix and simply use the numbers.

On June 28, 2018 at 0600 the Department began utilizing an interagency dispatch center run by the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries on the STARS system. Prior to this, the callsign for State Park Police Officers was a combination of the prefix "C R" and one's badge number. This "CR Number" was used by Officers on the legacy, STARS, and SIRS radio systems.

Because the "CR Number" did not represent any regular numbering convention, like title, rank, or location, its use was discontinued when the interagency dispatch was initiated. The current numbering convention is loosely based on the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries numbering convention. With few exceptions, the current 3-digit unit numbers represent the DGIF Law Enforcement Region where one's park is located, the park one is assigned, and their rank at the park.

First Digit - Law Region

6 - Region 1

7 - Region 2

8 - Region 3

9 - Region 4

Second Digit - State Park

0-9 - Individual Park within the Region

Third Digit - Rank

0 - Park Manager

1 - Assistant Manager

2 - Chief Ranger

3 - Chief Ranger/Park Ranger - LE

4 - Chief Ranger/Park Ranger - LE

5 - Chief Ranger/Park Ranger - LE

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