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The Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, is the federal government agency responsible for regulating radio usage in the United States. The FCC does not regulate radio usage by the federal government itself. Federal government radio usage is governed by the NTIA.

The FCC issues licenses to private and public entities granting them permission to use specific radio frequencies.

RadioReference FCC Data Integration maintains a complete copy of both the Private and Public FCC License database for use of our members.

You can start querying FCC information directly from the Database page. The following section shown on the right provides FCC database queries on that page:

FCC Database Queries Form

Callsign Information

In addition to the queries, clicking on a callsign anywhere in the database will also bring you to a full FCC callsign information page.

  • See WPXE748 this example of FCC callsign WPXE748], a Trunked System site for the San Antonio Trunking System.

Proximity Searches

Location Helper Tool Link for proximity searches

RadioReference users have the ability to enter a Latitude, Longitude, and Range (up to 4 miles) to search for FCC Licenses in that radius range. A location helper tool is also available to help users define search areas (small icon on the FCC search section). This tool allows users to click on a map to define a center point Latitude and Longitude, then click again to define a range - which is then sent to the query database form.