Osage County (MO)

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Osage County Government

Heard on 911: Meta, 355,394,395, Maries County, Comm Unity Ambulance (*to St. Elizabeth)

  • heard multiple test pages 6pm sat (6/10)

Osage County (MO) Sheriff Dept.

Last known that they were still running on analog system.

Osage County (MO) EMS/Ambulance Services

Comm Unity Ambulance Service

Test page nightly at 6pm (hrd IL 7/31/08); test page on 151.28 110.9 Sat 6pm (6/10)

Maries-Osage Ambulance District

  • Serves Maries and Osage Counties including: Freeburg

Osage County (MO) Fire Dept.

Municipalities and Districts

Chamois Fire Protection District

  • Test page nightly at 6pm on 151.28R (heard skip, glen carbon IL 7/31/08)


Freeburg Community Fire Department


Linn Public Works

  • WQOH645 - 155.9625 Base/Mobile (NFM)
  • WQTF407 - 153.6875 Repeater with 159.7275 input; Fixed on 153.485 (NFM Voice/Data) probably for Water Dept

Linn Fire Protection District

  • Website
  • Provides volunteer Fire and Rescue for nearly 4,000 in Osage County, in 177 square miles from four stations including Linn, Loose Creek, Bonnots Mill, Frankenstein, Luystown and Judge.


Meta Fire and Rescue Protection District


Westphalia Community Fire Department

Schools and Colleges

Osage County R1 School District (Chamois)

  • WQME994 - Mobiles on 159.5775, 159.6375 (NFM at Chamois)

Codes and Unit Lists

Fire/EMS Pager Tones

Osage Ambulance District? ? / 330.5 (heard Ambulance Test, WPYC288 151.28)
Maries-Osage Ambulance ? / 1153.4 (151.28/)
Possibly Osage County ? 757.5/682.5 892.5/802.5 595?/750 ???? Ambulance Primary Crew (hard to hear) had 3 page tone sets



Osage County EMS Dispatch	1149008
Osage County EMS Base		1149007
Osage County EMS - Medic 61	1158019
Osage County EMS Medic 63	1158008

Osage County Sheriff 801	115000
Osage County Sheriff 802	115001
Osage County Sheriff 803	115002



  • Wieberg Red-E-Mix 151.895 Base/Mobile (11K) 9/12 FCC App 0005378778

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