SC State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) (SC)

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SLED is the state investigative law enforcement agency for SC. Their primary communications are carried on Palmetto 800 using encrypted talkgroups. They also have analog talkgroups on Palmetto 800 that are used sparingly. SLED also uses mobile phones and enhanced ESMR (Nextel) radios. This high-band repeater system is not often used anymore.

State-wide VHF Hi-band repeater locations (154.665)

  • Blackville - Allendale Co.
  • Bluffton - Beaufort Co.
  • Charleston - Charleston Co.
  • Cheraw - Chesterfield Co.
  • Merry Weather - Edgefield Co.
  • Florence - Florence Co.
  • Greenville - Greenville Co.
  • Greenwood - Greenwood Co.
  • Myrtle Beach - Horry Co.
  • St. George - Berkeley Co.
  • Columbia - Richland Co.
  • Greeleyville - Williamsburg Co.
  • Tizrah - York Co.

NOTE: S.L.E.D. no longer uses the above frequency nor any of the other VHF frequencys listed on Radio Reference. Their primary radio communication is done on encrypted talkgroups over the Palmetto 800 system in South Carolina. They also utilize 800 systems throughout the state that handle localized law enforcement traffic when needed. All Agent's carry a Motorola XTS 5000 with full encryption and interoperability using SCTAC, ICALL and other interop frequencys.

SLED does operate on digital VHF and those frequencys are at [] SLED operates on their encrypted talkgroups listed on RR for primary traffic. SLED is the governor's arm of law enforcement in South Carolina and investigates officer involved shootings, conducts fujitive hunts, bloodhound tracking, SWAT Ops (they maintain a highly skilled & technical team with all of the best toys!) Many people do not realize that SLED also has a uniformed division that can supplement local law enforcement, SCHP or be stationed at local venues, events as required or needed. During the Bike Weeks in Horry County SLED Agents and uniformed division Agents either pair with a local law enforcement units or ride with one another in unmarked vehicles.

Because of it's mission in South Carolina law enforcement, SLED values it's privacy over the airwaves and enjoys a full compliment of encryption inside their Motorola APX 6000XE handhelds and APX mobile radios. The encryption is FIPS 140-2 Level 3 for all of their sensitive operations.