St. Joseph County (MI)

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St. Joseph County, Michigan
County Number 75
MSP District 5
MSP Post 54
MDOT District Southwest
DNRE District 7
MPSCS Zone 3
FBI Division Detroit
FBI Resident Agency Kalamazoo
FIPS Code 026149
ctid 1301

St. Joseph County Database
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Unknown Talkgroups

MPSCS: St. Joseph County (MI) Unknown Talkgroups

National interop frequencies

Range to hear these is ~1 mile since they are not on a repeater.

851.51250 	156.7 PL	8TAC91D  
852.01250 	156.7 PL	8TAC92D	 
852.51250 	156.7 PL	8TAC93D
853.01250 	156.7 PL	8TAC94D

St. Joseph County Government


  • WQQP915 436.0000 Recon Robot (100KC3F)

Three Rivers

  • KYX932 also 453.4875 FXO, 458.4875 Mobiles (NFM) for water data

Municipalities and Districts

Sheriff Department

  • 650 E Main St, Centreville
  • The Sheriff Department covers the unincorporated areas of the county, as well as the Village of Burr Oak, Village of Centreville, and Fabius Township. The complex in Centreville includes the County Jail, Central Dispatch, and Animal Control.

Village of Burr Oak

Burr Oak Fire

  • 208 W Front St
  • Burr Oak FD covers the Village of Burr Oak and Burr Oak Township.

Village of Centreville


  • The Sheriff Department provides a deputy to cover Centreville.

Centreville Fire

  • 212 W Main St
  • Centreville FD covers the Village of Centreville, Nottawa Township, Lockport Township east of the St. Joseph River, and parts of Florence Township.

Village of Colon

Colon Police

  • 127 E State St
  • Colon PD covers the Village of Colon.

Colon Fire

  • 1063 E M86
  • Colon FD covers the Village of Colon and Colon Township.

Village of Constantine

Constantine Police

  • 115 White Pigeon St
  • Constantine PD covers the Village of Constantine, also the Village of White Pigeon when White Pigeon PD has no one on duty.

Constantine Fire

  • 180 W Water St
  • Constantine FD covers the Village of Constantine, Constantine Township, and Florence Township West of Engle Road.

Fabius Township


  • The Sheriff Department provides a deputy to cover Fabius Township.

Fabius Park Fire

  • 15149 Broadway Rd, Three Rivers
  • Fabius Park FD covers Fabius Township, Park Township, and Eastern Flowerfield Township (Marcellus FD covers Western Half), not including the City of Three Rivers.

Leonidas Fire

  • 30931 King Rd
  • Leonidas FD covers Leonidas Township.

Village of Mendon

Mendon Police

  • 160 W Main St
  • Mendon PD covers the Village of Mendon.

Mendon Fire

  • 303 State St
  • Mendon FD covers the Village of Mendon and Mendon Township.

Michigan State Police

  • Marshall Post
    • 714 Old US-27 N, Marshall
  • White Pigeon Detachment
    • 101 US-131, White Pigeon
  • MSP Troopers working in the county check in/out with their regional dispatcher on D5NORTH/D5SOUTH, then operate on county talkgroups for calls in the county.

City of Sturgis

Sturgis Department of Public Safety

  • 122 N Nottawa St
  • Sturgis PD covers the City of Sturgis.
  • Sturgis FD/Ambulance covers the City of Sturgis.

City of Three Rivers

Three Rivers Police

  • 333 W Michigan Ave
  • Three Rivers Police covers the City of Three Rivers.

Three Rivers Fire/Ambulance

  • 333 W Michigan Ave
  • Three Rivers FD/EMS Covers the city of Three Rivers and Lockport Township west of the St. Joseph River for both Fire and ambulance. Three Rivers FD covers all of Fabius Township, Park Township, and Eastern Half of Flowerfield Township. Marcellus Ambulance covers western half.

Tri-Township Fire

  • Station 6-1
    • 64962 Balk Rd, Sturgis
  • Station 6-2
    • 26795 US-12, Sturgis
  • Tri-Township FD covers Sturgis Township, Sherman Township, and Fawn River Township, Florence Township west of Engle Road, not including the City of Sturgis.

Village of White Pigeon

White Pigeon Police

  • 103 S Kalamazoo St
  • White Pigeon PD covers the Village of White Pigeon, also the Village of Constantine when Constantine PD has no one on duty.

White Pigeon Fire

  • 16975 US-12
  • White Pigeon FD covers the Village of White Pigeon, White Pigeon Township, and Mottville Township.

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

LifeCare Ambulance

  • Website
  • LifeCare covers all of St. Joseph County except the City of Three Rivers, the City of Sturgis, Flowerfield Township, Park Township, Fabius Township, and Lockport Township.
  • LifeCare units communicate with Central Dispatch and first responders on 75F911 for calls in the county.
  • Most communication between LifeCare units and LifeCare Dispatch is done via CAD. Any voice traffic for LifeCare Dispatch is on 13LCARE.
  • Since units are repositioned to provide even coverage, it is not uncommon to hear LifeCare units from other counties responding to calls in St. Joseph County. Callsigns include 12xx, 13xx, and 39xx.
  • An “Echo” callsign indicates a paramedic unit without transport capability.

Units in St. Joseph County


68820 Broadus St, Sturgis


16975 US12, White Pigeon (White Pigeon FD)


118 Burr Oak St, Mendon


16975 US12, White Pigeon (White Pigeon FD)
This is a 12 hour truck and is staffed when staffing allows




Unknown. White Pigeon Station?


Can be activated for calls in Tri-Township FD response area when LifeCare unit has an extended response time. Tri-Township FD personnel respond in their ambulance 614 with callsign 7598.


No longer in use. Can be activated for calls in Sturgis city limits when LifeCare unit has an extended response time. Sturgis FD personnel respond in a LifeCare rig with callsign 7599.


81 Bronson
85 Coldwater
100 M86/Nottawa
131 Mendon
132 Colon
134 Centreville
138 Sturgis
139 US12/Balk
147 White Pigeon
Cass Point US12/M40
Midpoint US12/St. Joseph

Beacon Ambulance

Medic 1

15149 Broadway Rd, Three Rivers (Fabius Park Fire)
This unit is Primarily staffed to provide inter facility transfers for Beacon Three Rivers Hospital but has a mutual aid contract with the City of Three Rivers.

Mobile Extenders

No longer in use

  • 456.0750
  • 460.5125
  • 462.9625
  • 467.4625
  • 467.9625
  • 453.1375
  • 458.1375

Schools and Colleges

Three Rivers Community Schools

  • WQMY397 Mobiles on 159.6, 159.795, 159.915, 160.035, 160.185 (NFM for Admin/Events)

Codes, Unit Lists, Pager Tones

Ten Codes

10-7 Out of Service, also Deceased
10-8 In Service
10-15 Enroute to Jail
10-19 Enroute to Station
10-20 Location
10-28 License Plate
10-33 Hold Radio Traffic
10-96 Mental Subject
19-15 Combination of 10-19 and 10-15.

Other Codes

BOL - Be On the Lookout
CP - Caller?
Code 80 - Meal Break
ETOH - Alcohol
K - Fatality
PDA - Property Damage Accident
PI - Personal Injury Accident
Signal 1 - Felony Warrant
Signal 3 - 
Signal 5 - Status Check
Signal 6 - Sex Offender Registry
Signal 10 - Good Status
Signal 15 - Fatality
Station H - Home
TX - Telephone
UTL - Unable To Locate

Offense Codes

County Fire Numbering Plan

First is Department
1-xx - Centreville
2-xx - Three Rivers
3-xx - Fabius Park
4-xx - Constantine
5-xx - White Pigeon
6-xx - Tri-Township
7-xx - Sturgis
8-xx - Burr Oak
9-xx - Colon 
11-xx - Leonidas 
12-xx - Mendon

Last is Equipment Type

1 - Engine
2 - Rescue
3 - Quick Response Vehicle
4 - Ambulance
5 - Brush Engine
6 - Tanker
7 - Support
8 - Ladder
9 - Utility

Individual personnel callsigns are the department prefix 
followed by two digits, not duplicating an apparatus callsign.
x00 Chief officer (700 Sturgis Fire Chief)
x01-09 Chief officers
x40-49 Captains (341 Fabius Park Captain)
x50-59 Lieutenants (451 Constantine Lieutenant)
x60-69 Normally full-time staff for Three Rivers & Sturgis
x70-99 Normally firefighter and EMS personal 

County Police Numbering Plan

29-xx Burr Oak (no longer in use)
30-xx Mendon
39-xx Centreville (no longer in use)
40-xx Colon
41-xx Constantine
42-xx White Pigeon
45-xx Great Lakes Drone Company
50-xx MSP District 5 HQ (Paw Paw)
54-xx MSP Post 54 (Marshall)
54-9x MSP Motor Carrier
61-xx Three Rivers 
71-xx DNR District 7 Conservation Officer
75-xx Sheriff Department
75-01 Sheriff
75-02 Undersheriff
75-03 Captain (Jail Administrator)
75-04 Captain (Road Patrol)
75-1xx Corrections
75-2xx Reserve
75-3xx Marine Patrol
75-4xx Dive Rescue, Marine Patrol, and others
75-Kx County Animal Control
99-xx Sturgis
K9-xx MSP K9 Unit

Pager Tones

Most paging has moved to MPSCS paging groups. Two-tone paging is rarely used.

Frequency Station Tone A Tone B
151.2125 Centreville FD 1251.4 1285.8
151.2125 Three Rivers FD/EMS 339.6 496.8
151.2125 Three Rivers FD General 339.6 358.6
151.2125 Three Rivers FD Off-Duty 553.9 707.3
151.2125 Fabius Park FD 288.5 1092.4
151.2125 Constantine FD General 1153.4 1185.2
151.2125 Constantine MFR 510.5 810.2
151.2125 White Pigeon FD 1251.4 1217.8
151.2125 Tri-Township FD General 358.6 1122.5
151.2125 Tri-Township MFR 584.8 553.9
151.2125 Sturgis FD/EMS 1217.8 1321.2
151.2125 Sturgis FD Off-Duty 1217.8 1285.8
151.2125 Sturgis FD On-Call 810.2 483.5
151.2125 Burr Oak FD General 321.7 470.5
151.2125 Burr Oak MFR 321.7 524.6
151.2125 Colon FD/MFR 368.5 389.0
151.2125 Leonidas FD/MFR 433.7 330.5
151.2125 Mendon FD 1092.4 349.0
151.2125 Dive Rescue 651.9 553.9
151.2125 LifeCare Ambulance 422.1 669.9
151.2125 Victim Services 539.0 1092.4
151.2125 All-Call 832.5 1063.2