St. Louis City/Downtown Hotels St. Louis City (MO)

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Also see County Hotels 464.55 D364 unknown user, maybe a restaurant by the Millinium Hotel.


Adams Mark Hotel

4th & Chestnut (licensed to 717 HB Redevelopment Corporation) 463.775 D072 heard ops about Security, Banquet Room, Ballroom, having a conference

Chase Park Plaza Hotel Website

461.46250  466.46250   WQFJ383  RMF  Ops [New 7/06]  FM  Business  
461.62500              WQFJ383  M  Ops [New 7/06]  FM  Business  
461.88750  466.88750   WQFJ383  RMF  Ops [New 7/06]  FM  Business  
464.72500  469.72500   WQFJ383  RMF  Ops [New 7/06]  FM  Business

Cupples Station Hotel LP DBA The Westin St. Louis

WPSK213 licensed by HEI St. Louis LLC for Hotel Security

452.15000  457.15000   WPSK213  RM  Wsting Ops2  Hotel Ops  FM  Business  

Hampton Inn St Louis-Downtown (Union Station)

Hyatt Place Hotel

Coming soon to midtown, in the old Metropolitan Building (possibly late 2008)

Hyatt Regency of St. Louis (@ Union Station)

463.27500      WNRC287  M  HR UnStat 2  Operations [Expired]  FM  Business  
463.77500      WNRC287  M  HR UnStat 3  Operations [Expired] (146.2 PL ?) 
468.21250      WNRC287  M  HR UnStat 4  Operations [Expired]  FM  Business  
469.18750      WNRC287  M  HR UnStat 5  Operations [Expired]  FM  Business  
469.50000      WNRC287  M  HR UnStat 6  Operations [Expired]  FM  Business  
461.73750      WPRV831  M  HR UnStat 7  Operations   FMN  Business  
461.93750      WPRV831  M CSQ HR UnStat 8  Operations (possible tone)  FMN  Business  
466.93750      WPRV831  M  HR UnStat 9  Operations  FMN  Business  

Marriott South Pavillion Hotel

461.81250      WPMS657  M  MSPH HMS3  Operations  FM  Business  
463.26250      WPMS657  M  MSPH HMS4  Operations  FM  Business  
463.85000      WPMS657  M  MSPH HMS5  Operations  FM  Business  
464.32500      WPMS657  M  MSPH HMS6  Operations (possibly 107.2)  FM  Business  
466.81250      WPMS657  M  MSPH HMS7  Operations  FM  Business  
468.26250      WPMS657  M  MSPH HMS8  Operations  FM  Business  

Mayflower Hotel

452.78750  WQCT233  M 445 DPL  Security/Maintenance (possible PL, security, maintenance - low power repeater?)  FM  Business  
452.88750  WQCT233  M   Security/Maintenance  FM  Business  
457.78750  WQCT233  M   Security/Maintenance  FM  Business  
457.88750  WQCT233  M   Security/Maintenance  FM  Business  

Millineum Motel


464.52500      WPGF415  BM   Operations  FM  Business  
464.57500      WPGF415  BM   Operations  FM  Business  

Residence Inn-Downtown St. Louis

Located near I-64 @ Jefferson Str.

461.15000  466.15000   WQEA980  RM 205 DPL ResInnShuttl  Shuttles  FMN  Business  
461.10000      WQEA980  M   Operations  FMN  Business  
462.25000      WQEA980  M   Operations  FMN  Business  
463.95000      WQEA980  M   Operations   FMN  Business  

The Parkway Hotel

near Forest Park

462.46250  467.46250   WQDW891  M*M  Operations (possibly D025 repeater?)  
462.51250  467.51250   WQDW891  M*M  Operations  FMN  Business  

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel

461.86250      WQFQ947  M  RCH Mnt/Sec2  Maintenance / Security  FMN  Business  
464.78750      WQFQ947  M  RCH Mnt/Sec3  Maintenance / Security   FMN  Business  
461.87500  466.87500   KNNL488  RM  RCH Mnt/Sec4  Operations   FM  Business  
463.85000  468.85000   KNNL488  RM  RCH Mnt/Sec5  Operations   FM  Business  
464.12500  469.12500   KNNL488  RM  RCH Mnt/Sec6  Operations (possibly 100.0)

Conference Centers

Windows off Washington Website

451.41250  456.41250   WPUT617  M  WOW Ops 2  Catering/Banquet: Ops,Maintenance, Admin
451.48750  456.48750   WPUT617  M WOW Ops 3  Catering/Banquet: Ops, Maintenance, Admin