Westmoreland County (PA) Public Safety

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This page contains copious notes on the Westmoreland County digital trunked system. Some of these notes were originally posted to the database page for the trunked system. To make that page cleaner and to allow for other users to keep this information up to date, all notes have been moved to the wiki page.

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NOTE: "Mutual Aid" is the NAME of the dispatching service, not the general term for emergency services assisting one another.

  • The following TGs can be encrypted:
    • Police TAC-4 (all districts)
    • Police TAC-5 (all districts)
    • Countywide Law Enforcement 8
    • Countywide Law Enforcement 9
    • Countywide TAC-14
    • Countywide TAC-15
    • The SECURE channels for each PD district
    • Police "Dx Administration" (all districts)
    • All "Public Safety" channels
  • FIRE TACs 3,4,5 are for major (High Priority) incidents (structure fires and such)
  • FIRE TACs 6,7,8 are for average (Low Priority) incidents (car fires, accidents, Etc.)
  • FIRE TACs 9,10,11 are for minor (No Priority) incidents (CO alarms, wires down, Etc.)

Police dispatch district assignments:

  • District 1 - Irwin, North Irwin, Penn Township, Trafford, Jeannette
  • District 2 - Murrysville
  • District 3 - Greensburg, Southwest Greensburg, South Greensburg
  • District 4 - Latrobe, Derry, Ligonier Borough, Ligonier Township
  • District 5 - Loyalhanna Twp., Bell Twp., Washington Twp., Allegheny Twp., Avonmore, Vandergrift, Oklahoma, E. Vandergrift, Beaver Run, Hyde Park, West Leechburg
  • Districts 6 & 7 - Scottdale, Mount Pleasant, Rostraver, North Bell Vernon, West Newton, Sutersville. Note: Districts 6 & 7 share the same talkgroups on the system (listed as District 6 Talkgroups). Talkgroups listed as District 7 PD are not in use on the system.
  • District 9 - Arnold, New Kensington, Lower Burrell, Upper Burrell. These are Encrypted.