ARC500 User Guide

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ARC500 software series for Radioshack PRO-106/PRO-197 and GRE PSR500/PSR600

Using ARC500 to populate a scanner

NOTE: Importing from the Radio Reference Database only works if you are a Premium Subscriber to the Radio Reference Web site. The key to unlock the utility for importing systems, TGs, and/or conventional frequencies from the Database is the Premium Subscription.

Driver/Com port setup:

Before the customer can upload data they must plug in the Radioshack 20-546 USB cable and install the driver. The driver can be found on the cdrom that is included with the cable.

USB/Comport check and setup:

After installing the driver the correct COM/USB port must be selected in ARC500 before you can upload data:

- start the ARC500 software for the PRO-106/PRO-197

- enter the freq/talkgroups or import from radioreference.

- in the top menu select SCANNER _ Upload To Scanner

- a new window is shown

- in the drop down box all available usb/com ports are shown. If there is only one usb/com port shown it is most likely the USB cable.

- if there are multiple usb/com ports listed you can open the Windows device manager by clicking the button marked 'Open Windows Device Manager'.

- a new windows opens, locate the section 'ports' and click the + to show all settings.

- locate the item marked 'USB serial Port' and note the COM number.

- This com number must be selected in ARC500

- Now press 'Start Upload'

- The leds at the interface will flash indicating it is receiving data from the software

'Nothing Enabled' error:

If the customer uploaded data and the scanner displays 'Nothing enabled' this indicates that either:

- none of the scanlists (1-20) are enabled. Scanlists can be enabled by pressing the numeric buttons 0-9 (use FUNC + 0-9 for scanlists 11-20). Try pressing the number 1 key on the scanner's key pad to enable the default scanlist 1.

- no objects are assigned to a scanlist. In the PRO-106/197 frequencies/talkgroups must be assigned to a scanlists before they can be scanned. This can be done in ARC500 or during the import process from radioreference. In the RR import windows there is a tab called 'scanlists' and this defines the scanlists the objects are linked to.

Programming mode:

- The software will automatically put the scanner in programming mode. Customer should not put the scanner in program mode by holding the PGM button + power on. That is only used for firmware upgrades.