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|Statename=Amelia County  
|Statename=Amelia County  
|StateDB=[ {{color|white|Virginia DB]}}
|StateDB={{DB|ct|2823|{{color|white|Amelia DB]}}}}
|Stateforum=[ {{color|white|Virginia Forum}}] }}
|Stateforum=[ {{color|white|Virginia Forum}}] }}

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Welcome to the Amelia County collaboration article. This is where you, the user, may index any articles you develop for scanning related topics for your area.

Codes/Units/Station Lists

Amelia County Fire/EMS Mobile Radio Channel Plan

Out-of-county channels

6. Blackstone Dispatch See Nottoway County

7. Blackstone Tactical See Nottoway County

8. Crewe Dispatch See Nottoway County

9. Crewe Tactical See Nottoway County

10. Dinwiddie Fire Dispatch See Dinwiddie County

11. Dinwiddie Fire Tactical 2 See Dinwiddie County

12. Powhatan Fire Dispatch 1 See Powhatan County

13. Powhatan Fire Dispatch 2 See Powhatan County

14. Powhatan Fire Tactical 1 See Powhatan County

15. Powhatan Fire Tactical 2 See Powhatan County

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