Bay County (MI)

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Unit Numbering

County Police and EMS Units

2x    Essexville public safety-(PD / Fire)
3x    Auburn
4xx   Sheriffs department car
7x    Hampton Township
8x    Pinconning
9x    Delta College
14x   Northern Bay Ambulance-Pinconning
15x   Bay Regional Medical Center Ambulance
29X   Bay City Detectives/Supervisors
31xx  State Police - Post 31 Bay City
3191  State Police motor carrier
3192  State Police Weighmaster
39xx  U.S. Marshall's - Bay City
41xx  Sheriff Deputies patrol area

480   Emergency Services Coordinator
4180  County Weighmaster
496   Sheriff Marine Patrol
497   Sheriff Marine Patrol
498   Sheriff Marine Patrol
GX    Gang Task Force
Ixxx  State Police Investigators

Bay City Police Districts and Their Associated Car Numbers

1 - Citywide Patrol
2 - Columbus north to the river & east to the city limits    
3 - Downtown
4 - River to the city limits east, Kosciuszko to Columbus    
5 - Kosciuszko & South
6 - Central High (DARE Officer)                              
7 - Midland Street & South
8 - Midland Street, Banks area to northeast city limits      
9 - Handy Intermediate (DARE Officer)