Beartracker 885

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The 885 only scans dispatch frequencies and talkgroups. This allows you to change the scan list of your 885 to allow you to scan anything within the SD Card database.

DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!! This works for me perfectly! You MUST have a basic knowledge of PC Files and File structure before attempting this! Save a copy of your original SD Card as a back up! I will not be held responsible for you not doing this properly.

Do an update on the SD Card so that it has the latest frequencies. From a PC open the SD card. Open the folder named BCDx36HP Open the folder named HPDB In the file structure there is a File named hpdb.cfg using NOTEPAD. The HPD files have a numeric name. The TXT file tells you which # corresponds to your state. Example, PA = 42 Open the HPD file with NOTEPAD. PA is s_000042.hpd Any Talkgroups or Frequencies that you want to monitor all have a numeric classification. The 885 ONLY allows ones with the values of 1,2,3 or 4. If you find "Main St Fire Dispatch" for example it will be followed by the numeric value of 3. 2 Indicates it's a Police Dispatch talkgroup. 3 indicates it's a Fire Dispatch talkgroup or frequency. 4 indicates it's an EMS Dispatch talkgroup.

The s_000000.hpd file contains all the trunking data.

If you have a Fire TAC that you want to be available when you have the FIRE selection on the display you need to change it's designation to a 3. It seems like fire Ops and TACs are given an 8. Change that 8 to a 3. Do this for all of the talkgroups or frequencies that you want available to you keeping in mind that if you want it available under the POLICE Button then it needs to be a 2, FIRE button a 3, EMS button a 4. SAVE the file with the same file name that it had. Eject your SD card properly. Insert it into your 885 and you are all set.

Service Tag    On SD Card    Change to
Law Talk	23		2
Law Tac	         7		
Corrections	 1             

EMS-Tac	         9		4
EMS-Talk	25		

Fire-Tac	 8		3
Fire-Talk	24	

Public Works	14

Multi-Talk	22              You Decide
Multi-Tac	6

For reference 
Deprecated	23