Beaufort County Military

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Beaufort Military radio in Beaufort County SC has been changing in 2010. Parris Island Marine Corp Recruit Depot has apparently dropped their LTR system in favor of the Military P-25 system.

What is generally on the P-25 are housekeeping things like PMO (police) Fire and EMS plus work shops and training. You will not find any military activity such as aircraft or combat related things, on this system.

The Beaufort County Military system is composed of three known tower sites each with upwards of five or more frequencies. The sites are on the Marine Corp Air Station Beaufort, Laurel Bay Housing and Parris Island. Also available to use the system is Beaufort Naval Hospital.

This P-25 system was first heard on MCAS and Laurel Bay. At first only PMO and FIre/EMS was on Parris Island. In September of 2010 it was discovered that most housekeeping on PI had moved to the P-25 and the LTR system no longer appeared to have traffic on it.

Parris Island Fire and EMS seems to have moved completely to the Beaufort County P-25 system which is part of the Palmetto Project 25