Benewah County (ID)

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Benewah County Sheriffs Department


10 Codes

10-04: OK, or Message Received
10-06: Busy or on a Detail (not a call)
10-08: Clear Last Assignment
10-09: Repeat; Not Clear; Interference
10-19: Return to ________ (Normally means Dispatch or Station)
10-20: Location
10-21: Call _________ by landline
10-23: Arrived on the scene
10-27: Request Driver�s License/State ID Check.
10-28: Registration Check: VIN or Plate
10-29: Warrant Check
10-41: On Duty
10-42: Off Duty
10-79: Coroner Request
10-95: Subject In Custody
10-96: Mental Subject

Status Codes

CODE-O: Officers Residence
CODE-6: Traffic stop
CODE-7: Lunch at ______