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[[Category:Missouri Business Frequencies]]
[[Category:Missouri Business Frequencies]]

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Chariton County Government

Municipalities and Districts

Codes and Unit Lists




  • Asher Farms 151.55 Base/Mobile (Marceline) WNVD308
  • Beeler Farms 158.385 Base/Mobile (Brookfield) WPAT634
  • Guilford Farms 159.525 Base/Mobile (Sumner) KNDS746
  • Jacom Farms 153.35 Base/Mobile (Mendon) WPGG388
  • Leimkuehler Farms 151.745 Base/Mobile (Dalton/Brunswick) KNGN298 (Ranch Ops)
  • Moseley Farms 151.73 Base/Mobile (11K at Rothville) 8/12 App 0005370974
  • Noll Farms 153.025 Base/Mobile/pagers; 158.175 Repeater (FB4) (New Cambria) WPHK572
  • Shannondale Farms 153.395 Base/Mobile (Salisbury) KNCW352
  • Ricketts Farm Service 151.49 Base/Mobile (Salisbury) KNGZ348

Ray Carroll County Grain Growers

  • WNPU779 - 158.325 Base/Mobile NFM at Carrollton-CARROL, Brunswick, Summer-CHARITON

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