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Conventional Public Safety Radio Systems

The Borough of West Chester maintains and operates a 4-channel conventional UHF radio system built by Motorola, with a primary transmit tower located in East Bradford Township, a back-up transmit tower located to the rear of the Municipal Building, and three recieve-only sites located on the West Chester University campus, the Embreeville complex in West Bradford Township, and the Chester County Prison complex in Pocopson Township. The system is exclusively used by the West Chester Police Department. In December 2006, the system began full-time operations in APCO P-25 digital mode.

West Goshen Township uses a 1 channel VHF-High Band radio system for dispatch and talk-around. This system is used exclusively by West Goshen Police Department. This system is used for dispatch operations during weekday hours (generally between 07:00 and 23:00 Monday through Friday), however when the department is self-dispatched, there are occasions when the county TRS is utilized. During all other times when the department is dispatched by the county, the county TRS is utilized.

Most of the remaining law enforcement agencies in the county use specifically assigned channels on the county TRS for car-to-car communications. Only Downingtown (VHF-Hi) and Uwchlan Twp (UHF) are confirmed to be using conventional frequencies for talk-around.

Most fire companies within the county use a set of 800 mhz conventional frequencies for fire-ground operations, however a few companies still use privately licensed channels for that same purpose (among the companies confirmed to have active "private" company channels are East Whiteland, Goshen, Downingtown, and Longwood).

County Conventional Repeaters

In concert with the county TRS, there are 3 VHF-High licensed repeaters that rebroadcast dispatcher-only communications on the law enforcement side of the system, one for each of the police dispatching districts (East PD, Central PD, and West PD). As of 2008, all three repeaters are no longer utilized.

On the Fire/EMS side, dispatch paging can be heard on 160.185. All fire and EMS calls are dispatched on this channel. Also, there are 2 conventional VHF-High repeaters that simulcast both field and dispatch users. The Central and East fire groups are simulcast on one channel, while the West Fire group is simulcast on the other channel.

The Chester County Sheriff's Office also has an 800 mhz conventional low-power repeater that simulcasts its respective county TRS talkgroup; this frequency can be heard from within a few blocks of the Chester County Justice Center in West Chester.

Dispatch Centers

Chester County Department of Emergency Services

  • Most Municipal Police Departments
  • Chester County Park Rangers
  • All Fire Companies
  • All EMS Squads
  • Comm 1

West Chester Borough

  • West Chester Police Department

West Goshen Township

  • West Goshen Police Department (part-time)

Montgomery County

  • North Coventry Police Department (dispatched on Montgomery County's PD 2 dispatch channel on the Montgomery County trunked system)

Police Districts

  • West Goshen PD self dispatches 0700-2300, then switches to Central overnight
    • Uses any county channel depending on location

Police Radio IDs

Adam - Chief/Officer in Charge/Lieutenant
Boy - Bicycle Patrol
David - Detective
Frank - Foot Patrol
George - Animal Control
King - Canine
Mary - Specialized Unit
Paul - Patrol Officer/Patrol Car
Paul/Robert - Park Rangers
Sam - Sergeant/Supervisor/Sheriff
Tom - Traffic Control & Enforcement
X-Ray - Motorcycle

Police Sectors

These identifiers are used by larger departments (i.e. West Chester, Phoenixville, Coatesville, Schuylkill Twp, East Whiteland Twp, Tredyffrin Twp, and Westtown East Goshen Regional). The remaining departments use non-sector specific identifiers either for police units or individual officers (West Goshen uses badge numbers, which are usually numbered in the 30s and 40s, but do not appear to correspond to specific sectors).

01-09 - Roving
10-19 - North
20-29 - South
30-39 - East
40-49 - West
50-59 - North-East
60-69 - North-West
70-79 - South-East
80-89 - South-West
90-99 - Central

Specialized Units

Some departments in the county use the following identifiers for specialized units:

50-59 - (M)ary units/Specialized details or units
60-69 - (D)avid units/Detectives
70-79 - (F)rank units/Foot patrols 
80-89 - (T)om units/Traffic Enforcement/Safety units
90-99 - (B)oy units/Bike patrols or (K)ing units - K-9 officers

West Chester Police Ten Code

10-02 Busy on Station; limit transmissions
10-03 Go ahead with message
10-04 OK - Message received
10-05 Off duty
10-06 Busy/Stand-by
10-07 Out of Vehicle at (Location)
10-08 In Service/Resuming
10-09 Repeat last message/unreadable
10-10 Protection of money
10-11 Call your home
10-12 Return to your home
10-13 Meet at (Location)
10-14 Report expolsives at (Location)
10-15 Assist Officer - EMERGENCY ONLY
10-17 Vehicle stop (Location, license plate, vehicle description, # of occupants)
10-19 Return to/en-route to/arrived at station
10-20 What is your location
10-21 Call via landline
10-22 Disregard last message/cancel request
10-25 Food, Coffee, etc
10-26 Prepare to copy
10-27 Does not conform to procedures
10-28 Request Reg/VIN check
10-28S Request Operator/Suspension check
10-29 Request NCIC - Wanted/stolen*
10-29N Negative NCIC Response
10-29P Positive NCIC Response
10-34 Officer at home on call
10-35 Domestic Disturbance
10-36 Furnish Correct Time
10-37 Intoxicated Operator/Person
10-38 Weapon
10-40A See complainant at (location) in reference to ...
10-41 Fire call
10-41A EMS call
10-42 Visitor/prisoner present; can't talk
10-42F Female in car (give mileage)
10-42P Prisoner in car/arrest made
10-45 Motor vehicle accident
10-45PD Accident/Property damage w/no injuries
10-45PI Accident/Personal injury
10-45F Accident/Fatal
10-45HR Accident/Hit and run
10-45M Accident/Other than vehicular
10-46 Escort
10-47 Animal complaint
10-49 Burglary
10-54 Requesting tow truck
10-60 Uneccesary use of radio
10-65 Traffic violation/citation Issued
10-67 Alarm @ (location)
10-67A Alarm has been reset
10-80 Traffic detail
10-82 Disabled vehicle
10-88 Warrant, paperwork, package, etc.
10-90 Arrived at scene
10-91 Assignment completed
10-92 Situation under control
10-93 Unit (#), turn radio - message not not to be heard by passenger/prisoner
10-95 BACKUP UNIT (#) @ REF: (?)
10-97 Transmission received loud and clear
10-98 OK on your last request
10-99 Change your location, unreadable

Fire/EMS Stations

East Fire

 2 - Berwyn
 3 - Paoli
 4 - Malvern
 5 - East Whiteland
15 - Chester County Haz Mat
51 - West Chester - First West Chester Fire Co
52 - West Chester - Goodwill Fire Co
53 - West Chester - Fame Fire Co
54 - Goshen
55 - Good Fellowship EMS
56 - Goshen - Hershey's Mill
58 - WCU QRS
91 - Chester Co Hospital Medics
D15 - Radnor (Delco)
D41 - Newtown Square (Delco)
M47 - King Of Prussia (Montco)
M317 - Lafayette EMS (Montco)

Central Fire

  6 - West Whiteland
 33 - Honey Brook
 45 - Alert - Downingtown
 46 - Minquas - Downingtown
 47 - Lionville
 48 - Glen Moore
 49 - East Brandywine
 61 - Kimberton
 62 - Ridge
 63 - Liberty - Spring City
 64 - Norco
 65 - Phoenix H&L - Phoenixville
 68 - Valley Forge
 69 - Twin Valley
 73 - Ludwigs Corner
 77 - County Dive Team
 83 - Spring City EMS (Operated by Royersford Fire Co. EMS)
 84 - North Coventry Township EMS (Operated by Goodwill EMS of Pottstown)
 85 - Phoenixville EMS (Operated by Trappe Fire Co. EMS)
 87 - Uwchlan Ambulance
187 - Uwchlan Ambulance @ West Whiteland Fire Co.
M324 - Trappe Fire Co EMS (MontCo)
M325 - Friendship (Royersford) Fire Co EMS (MontCo)
M329 - Goodwill Fire Co EMS (MontCo)

West Fire

  8 - Keystone Valley (2013 merger of Atglen 26, Parkesburg 28, Pomeroy 29)
 12 - West Grove/New London Substation
 21 - Union of Oxford
 22 - West Grove
 23 - Avondale
 24 - Kennett
 25 - Longwood
 27 - Cochranville
 31 - Sadsburyville
 32 - West Grove/London Britain Substation
 35 - Wagontown
 36 - Po-Mar-Lin
 37 - Modena
 38 - Thorndale
 39 - West Bradford
 41 - Washington Hose - Coatesville
 43 - West End - Coatesville
 44 - Westwood
144 - Westwood Ambulance @ Wagontown Fire Co.
 75 - Acellor Mittal Steel Coatesville
 76 - Coatesville VA
 89 - Elverson EMS
189 - Elverson EMS @ Honey Brook Fire Co.
 93 - Brandywine Hospital Medics
193 - Brandywine Hospital Medics @ Twin Valley Fire Co.
 94 - Jennersville Regional Hospital Medics
194 - Jennersville Regional Hospital Medics @ Avondale Fire Co.
L49 - White Horse (Lancaster Co)
L52 - Christiana (Lancaster Co)
D59 - Concordville (Delco)

Fire Tone Outs

Chester County Pager Tone Excel sheet (Updated 5/2015)

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