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|Statename=Clinton {{{Type|County}}}, [[Iowa (US)|Iowa]]
|Statename=Clinton {{{Type|County}}}, [[Iowa (US)|Iowa]]
|StateDB=[ {{color|white|Cedar {{{Type|County}}} DB]}}
|StateDB=[ {{color|white|Clinton {{{Type|County}}} DB]}}
|Stateforum=[ {{color|white|Iowa Forum}}] }}
|Stateforum=[ {{color|white|Iowa Forum}}] }}

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Welcome to the Clinton County, Iowa collaboration article. This is where you, the user, may index any articles you develop for scanning related topics for your area.

Clinton County (IA) Bridges

  • Union Pacific Railroad - Swingbridge over the Mississippi River,Clinton (KVY606) (41.836477/-90.184778)
  • This Sta. is licensed to operate on Marine Channels 09, 13, 14 & 16

Fire/EMS agency numbering and paging tones

Paged by the County Sheriff on 154.235 the initial page is transmitted on the east or west repeater with the CTCSS of 146.2.
The page is repeated on 154.235 from a fill in transmitter without a CTCSS
11xxAndover FD1185.21251.4
12xxCalamus FD 952.9 697.5
1351Camanche Ambulance553.9584.8
13xxCamanche FD 349.0330.5
14xxCharlotte FD330.5288.5
Clinton FD on 154.4301184.91153.8
16xxDelmar FD1184.01123.5
1751/1752DeWitt Ambulance879.0928.1
Primary CrewDeWitt Ambulance on 155.2050110.9928.1
17xxDeWitt FD788.5832.5
Goose Lake FD330.5288.5
19xxGrand Mound FD330.5510.5
20xxLost Nation FD1092.4288.5
21xxLow Moor FD349.0330.5
Toronto FD330.5349.0
24xxWelton FD1217.81357.6
2851Wheatland Ambulance569.11433.4
28xxWheatland FD569.1634.9


Union Pacific's Clinton Subdivision runs double track through Clinton County from the Mississippi River through Clinton to Low Moor, DeWitt, Grand Mound, Calamus, and Wheatland. It parallels US 30 Highway at times. Within Clinton County the road channel is AAR62 161.040. The Geneva subdivision ends just west of the Mississippi river bridge. The Union Pacific's Clinton Yard is on 160.575.

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