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|United States Air Force
|[[:Category:United States Air Force|United States Air Force]]
|United States Air Force Frequencies
|[[:Category:United States Air Force Frequencies|United States Air Force Frequencies]]

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US Federal Government

Category Sub-Category
US Bureau of Reclamation US Bureau of Reclamation Frequencies
US Federal Government US Federal Government Frequencies
US Federal Prisons
US Fish and Wildlife
US Forest Service
US Indian Affairs
US Land Management
US National Parks

US Miltary and Associated

Category Sub-Category
Air National Guard
Air Shows
Army National Guard
Civil Air Patrol Civil Air Patrol Frequencies
Military Satellites (Milsat)
United States Air Force United States Air Force Frequencies
Civil Air Patrol
United States Army United States Army Frequencies
United States Coast Guard United States Coast Guard Frequencies
United States Navy United States Navy Frequencies