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Dallas County Government

Dallas County 911 / Sheriff

The County and the city of Buffalo went together in 2002 and built a new 911 Center. All emergency services including fire, EMS, County Sheriff and City Police are dispatched through this center which is located at State Highway 32 and Maple Street. Both county fire and Sheriff have 3 repeaters around the county (at Plad, Foose and Urbana)

  • 154.96500 156.24000 WPVL992 RM 100.0 PL Dallas Sheriff Sheriff: Dispatch (103.5, 107.2, 110.9 in)

Dallas County Health Department

Municipalities and Districts

Buffalo Buffalo Rural Fire Department, Inc

Long Lane Long Lane Volunteer Fire Department

Louisburg Louisburg Community Fire Protective Association

Urbana Urbana Rural Fire Department

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

St. Johns EMS

Based out of Springfield with an station in Buffalo, dispatched by Dallas County 911. Ambulance Call signs are Medic 61, Medic 62, Medic 63 and Central dispatch.

  • WZX647 adding 151.34 Repeater with 159.255 input (at Buffalo)

Codes, Unit Lists, Pager Tones

Dallas County Fire/EMS

  • Buffalo (City) Volunteer Fire Department - 215 E. Benton St. between Cedar St. and Poplar St.
  • Buffalo Rural Volunteer Fire Department -
    • Station #1 - 1360 N. Hickory St. between McKown St. and Autoscope Dr.,Buffalo
    • Station #2 - 55 State Route M between State Route H and Crowder Rd.,Elkland
  • Dallas Co. 9-1-1 - 101 Deer Run at S. Maple St.,Buffalo (WPVL992)
  • Fair Grove Fire Protection District -
    • Station #1 - W. Eagle Ridge Ct. between N. Union Grove Rd. and Dead End,Fair Grove (Greene Co.) (This is the proposed HQ at a proposed location)
    • Station #2 (HQ) - 645 W. Old Hwy. 65 (aka E. Shelby Rd.) between S. Sunset St. and W. Old Mill Rd. (aka W. State Route CC),Fair Grove (Greene Co.)
    • Station #3 - 1139 State Route AA between Shaffer Rd. and Longhorn Rd.
    • Station #4 - 4242 E. State Route KK between N. Farm Road 189 and N. Farm Road 193,Fair Grove (Greene Co.)
  • Long Lane Volunteer Fire Department - 1666 State Route 32 @ Wildfire Rd. (WPJU410)
  • Louisburg Volunteer Fire Department -
    • Station #1 -
      • Current Station - 282 State Route 64 between North St. and US-65
      • Former Station - State Route 64 between Vo-Tech Rd. and Easy Ln. (The Sta. sits behind the First Baptist Church & at the following coordinates: 37.757014/-93.144503)
    • Sta. #2 - Timber Rd. between Leadmine Rd. and Aster Ln.,Tunas (The Sta. sits at the following coordinates: 37.778292/-92.920001)
  • Southern Dallas County Fire Department - 322 Red Top Rd. (aka US-65) between Imperial Dr. & County Route TT,Buffalo (WNVU958)
  • Tunas Volunteer Fire Department - 29 State Route E between State Route 73 and Stonehaven Rd.
  • Urbana Rural Volunteer Fire Department - 508 Oak St. between N. Dallas St. (aka US-65) & Kansas Ave.,Urbana (WPBT562)
  • Windyville Volunteer Fire Department - 130 State Route MM between State Route K and Indian Creek Rd.

Businesses =

Attractions and Recreation

Riverfront Campground (Lebanon)

  • WPSU409 151.775 Base/Mobile for Float Operations

Niangua River Oasis

  • Website Canoe Rental / Zip Line
  • WPIN611 461.925 Repeater, added 451.2375 Mobiles (11/20k)

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