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The following mobile device software applications are available to listen to Live Audio Streams. Most Mobile Devices support native MP3 audio streaming from the existing free mobile RadioReference interface. Please list only licensed applications on this page.

Developer Info

Each of the applications below are officially licensed and sponsored applications by If you are considering developing an application that uses any components of the infrastructure, you must have an approved license agreement in place with

RadioReference provides licensed applications the complete live audio feed catalog in JSON and XML format for real-time consumption. You can apply for an API license key at:

RR Live Audio Mobile Site

For FREE access to ALL RR Live Audio feeds via most mobile devices, go to RR Live Audio Mobile


Police Stream

Police Stream is available from the Droid Market and allows anyone with an Android powered phone to listen to most if not all streams hosted on

Scanner Radio

Scanner Radio allows you to listen to all of the scanners hosted by as well as those hosted by,, and


  • Free!
  • Directory contains online/offline status and number of listeners
  • "Scanners Near Me" displays nearby scanners sorted by distance
  • Listener Alerts can be configured to alert you when any scanner has more than a specified number of listeners (to alert you when something big is happening).
  • Player will play in the background and will automatically reconnect if the connection to the server is lost.
  • Add your own links to other online scanners which aren't contained in the directory in the "Custom Scanners" area.

You can find Scanner Radio here in Android Market

XiiaLive (formerly DroidLive)

  • Technically a MP3 streaming app, but will display text tags (ala Winamp).

To Save RR Feeds as a Favorite

  • Use the Android browser to go to
  • Find the feed you want.
  • On the "Feed Details" screen (you're still in the Android browser at this point), click on the link to listen the feed.
  • The browser will pop up a window asking if you want to use the Music player or XiiaLive. Select XiiaLive.
  • XiiaLive will launch and start playing the feed.
  • Click the big plus sign to add the feed as a favorite in XiiaLive.

Res-Q Radio

Res-Q Radio allows you to listen to amateur radio, public safety radio and other communication streams from around the world right on your smartphone. With access to over 2600 radio feeds courtesy of


  • Ability to bookmark feeds.
  • Customize LCD Screen (3 colors to choose from).

Paid Version features:

  • Access to archived feeds
  • Four additional colors to customize LCD screen
  • No Ads.

This application uses the GPS to assist in searching for local radio streams.

Apple iPhone

5-0 Radio

5-0 Radio allows your iPhone or iPod touch to listen to all streams hosted on in the background. Other features include a built-in web browser that detects .m3u and .pls links and integrates them into the app, the ability to add new feeds from anywhere, localized police codes specific to certain cities, customizable and downloadable skins, and a map that detects the location of the feed.

Emergency Radio

Emergency Radio is an excellent iPhone application that allows anyone with an iPhone or iPod touch to listen to all streams hosted on

Police Radio

Police Radio allows you to listen to all the live audio feeds hosted by using your iPhone, iPod touch and the soon to be released iPad. In addition Police Radio also has the ability to play the selected feed in the background allowing you listen and check your email all at the same time. Other features include the ability to add & edit new feeds from a wide variety of online sources, ability to save your favorite feeds freeing you from constantly searching to get to the ones you like, police codes are included for you to follow the action and last but not least the ability to customize your view.

Police Scanner 2

Police Scanner 2 is the first interactive police scanner for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The app allows users to alert others about emergency broadcast streams as they happen using text messages. The text messages appear on a small ticker in the app, allowing users to tune in to the stream being discussed.

In addition to allowing users to share information, Police Scanner 2 allows users to record snippets of a stream and replay it later. The length of snippets recorded is limited only by the memory of the iPhone or other device.

Police Scanner allows anyone with an iPhone or iPod touch to listen to all streams hosted on

Police Scanner's adaptive technology allows updates to data streams to post "live" within a few hours of changes made. Because emergency data streams can change so quickly, Police Scanner is able to provide the updated information to its customers.

Other features include the ability to save favorite streams, to locate streams with a map, and to answer calls and email while a stream is running.

With over 2300 national and international EMS streams, Police Scanner offers the largest selection of police, fire, and emergency services streams available for the iPhone in one application. Users can locate and listen to police dispatch frequencies worldwide. Police Scanner is the only iPhone emergency scanner application to provide streams from nine countries. New streams are added daily.

The previous version of Police Scanner, the first police scanner available for the iPhone and iTouch, is currently being sold in the iTunes store under Police Scanner Lite

Police Scanner 2 runs on wireless LANs, the 3G network, or on the Edge network, and is compatible both 2.x and 3.0 devices.


Listen to over 40,000 radio stations anywhere in the world and search stations using a powerful new search engine!

Radio includes the free SHOUTcast™ Radio Directory, one of the largest directories of professionally and community programmed online radio stations in the world and all your favorite iTunes stations and all Icecast stations in MP3 format.

With Twitter and Facebook support you can tell your friends what radio station you're listening to, "live", without stopping your audio to invoke an external Twitter or Facebook client! Supports MP3 and AAC stream formats and PLS, M3U and XSPF playlists.

Additionally Radio includes NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards streams from the National Weather Service, thousands of emergency scanner streams from RadioReference, over 2,000 European stations and stations from Australia and New Zealand, over 320 Public Radio stations, over 100 Canadian stations, plus a database of National, Local, Canadian and International channels.

 The latest version includes background Play, background browsing of station web site and background e-mail of station links.

  • Radio can be downloaded here from the iTunes App Store.


Scanner Radio

Scanner Radio(TM) includes Twitter and Facebook support: tell your friends what scanner radio station you're listening to, "live", without stopping your audio to invoke an external Twitter or Facebook client!

Includes Fire, Police and EMS stations in MP3 format. Scanner Radio is the favorite application to listen in to police and fire scanner frequencies. Scanner Radio(TM) allows users to select from nearby audio streams by US State and County. You can also add your own favorite scanner radio streams, if they are not listed.

You can pick from your favorites or recently played scanner stations. You can share with your friends the iTunes and Radio links to a station stream using your iPhone or iPod Touch Mail application. And you can post your favorite links directly to Twitter or Facebook, while playing your stream.

Supports nightly update of the scanner stations database.

  • Scanner Radio can be downloaded here from the iTunes App Store.

Pocket Tunes


Scanner Radio / BBScanner

Scanner Radio/BBScanner (same app, two different names) allows you to listen to all of the scanners hosted by as well as those hosted by,, and Links to scanners hosted by other sites can be added to a "Custom scanners" area within the app.

Palm WebOs



DigiScanner is available for devices running Palm WebOs (Palm Pre/Pixi) and allows those devices to listen to streams provided by


  • Favorites
  • Categorized Feed List
  • Top 20 Feeds
  • 20 Newest Feeds
  • Recently Played
  • Search for feeds by name, country, state, and county
  • User Contributed Custom Feeds
  • Snooze

Windows Mobile

Scanner Force Mobile

The author of Scanner Force has discontinued further development of the program.

Scanner Force Mobile supports all the feeds hosted by

Windows Phone 7

Police Scanner 7

The author of Scanner Updates the app frequently

Police Scanner 7 supports all the feeds hosted by

  • Police Scanner 7 can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Marketplace either on the phone or from [zune://navigate/?appID=aabfbf62-7dd5-df11-a844-00237de2db9e]


  • Favorites
  • Top 10 Feeds
  • Save last feed on exit
  • Search for feeds by country, state
  • Bing Maps with feed.
  • Codes builtin Dictionary


Police Monitor

Police Monitor supports all the feeds hosted by

  • Police Monitor can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Marketplace either from the website [2], from the phone, or from the zune player.


  • Top Feeds (Default 50)
  • Browse feeds by country, state (region), county

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