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|151.730||5||1||Lancaster||Garrard||[ WQKE573]
|151.730||5||1||Lancaster||Garrard||[ WQKE573]
|453.500||7||1||Greensburg||Green||[ WQJW444]
|153.500||7||1||Greensburg||Green||[ WQJW444]
|153.395||9||1||Lawrenceburg||Anderson||[ WQKE573]
|153.395||9||1||Lawrenceburg||Anderson||[ WQKE573]

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Eastern Kentucky Power Cooperative TRS
System Name Eastern Kentucky Power Cooperative
System Type DMR Tier 3
System ID 10
Connect Tone
Wide Area Communications Network
Network Access Code
TRBO Color Code 0
Band VHF
FCC License
City Various
State Kentucky

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Welcome to the Eastern Kentucky Power Cooperative collaboration article, a Trunked Radio System located in County, Kentucky.
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  • See the Monitoring DMR and Monitoring TRBO sections of the DMR MOTOTRBO articles for compatible receivers, scanners and applications

General Information

EKPC is in the process of building out a VHF Statewide DMR Network for all 16 members of their Cooperative. A few members of EKPC have built out a UHF Trunked DMR or NXDN system for their service region. Some members are still on VHF and UHF conventional.



Frequency Region Site ID City County License
151.730 5 1 Lancaster Garrard WQKE573
153.500 7 1 Greensburg Green WQJW444
153.395 9 1 Lawrenceburg Anderson WQKE573
151.850 9 5 Lawhorn Hill Casey WQJW444
151.910 10 5 Renaker Harrison WQJW445


Frequency Region Site ID City County License
161.825 10 1 Central KY Central KY
161.8375 12 1 Unknown Unknown
161.890 1 5 Near Marion County Near Marion County


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