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  • Using Microsoft Excel Paste Special feature for building data to paste into Windows based Scanner Software
  • Note: Open Office and other spread sheets may also have this type of operation.
    • This first section is for setting up ARC250D software - other ARC programs may work similar.
  • 1. Highlight and copy freqs from database page, then click ARC Auto Data Import (ADI)Icon.
  • 2. Click Import from Clipboard which will populate left window.
  • 3. Click All which sends freqs to right window.
    • Note: One can edit out all but Controls for Motorola 800/900 systems at this point.
  • 4. Click Export to Table to send frequency list to open software bank frequency list.
  • 5. Type in the data on line 1 of selected bank then click in Tag and drag across and down through last freq line then right click and select Fill Down.
    • Bank trunking frequency settings are complete and the following steps are for talkgroup ID's and tags.
  • 6. Select and highlight a section of Talkgroups from same data page, right click and select Copy.
  • 7. Right click in cell A1 and select Paste Special. In new popup dialog, select Text.
  • 8. Delete unneeded columns in the spreadsheet
  • 9. Select All (highlight all), right click and select copy.
  • 10. In open Trunk ID list, right click in the scan list location you wish to store this group and select paste.
    • This completes this bank for trunking. The bank tags ans scanlist tags will need to be set within the software sections for that purpose.
  • Collecting data from database pages for conventional freqs and tags.
  • 1. Highlight and copy group of listings.
  • 2. Right click in cell of Excel then select Paste Special then Text in popup dialog.
  • 3. Delete unneeded columns, format numbered columns and restructure Alpha tag column.
  • 4. Copy columns A and B and paste into software. Copy Column C and paste into PL columns in software.

Select freqs from web page Screenshot
ARC ADI Screenshot
Move freqs to right window Screenshot
Completed ARC main page Screenshot
Highlight and copy talkgroup Screenshot
Use Paste Special and Text in new spreadsheet Screenshot
Delete unneeded columns Screenshot
Copy finished excel columns to ARC Trunk ID's Screenshot
File:Conventional freq copy.gif
copy from web page Screenshot
File:After Paste Special.gif
unreformated Excel Screenshot
File:Ready to copy and paste.gif
reformatted for copy to software Screenshot