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Using Microsoft Excel Paste Special feature for building data to paste into Windows based Scanner Software. Open Office and other spread sheets may also have this type of operation.

Generic for all Windows based scanner programming software

These 8 steps are for copying data from either trunking or conventional dabebase pages and pasting into Excel for manipulation to ready for pasting into Software.

  1. Highlight, copy select freqs from database page.
  2. Click in Excel Cell A1 and select Paste Special.
  3. Click Text and Ok.
  4. Re-structure freqs vertically and format to number with 4 decimals. Note the asterisks (which indicate control channels) are still marked. Remove the asterisks prior to copy/paste to software. If programming an EDACS or LTR system, the frequencies must be kept in Logical Channel Number order as shown in the database. This is indicated by a small 2 digit number before the frequency. These numbers should be edited out as the software will handle this numbering.
  5. Highlight and copy section/agency of talkgroups.
  6. TG's after Paste Special to Excel. Delete unneeded column B.
  7. Highlight and copy selected sections from conventional page similar to step 5 screenshot and Paste Special into Excel.
  8. Excel unneeded columns deleted and restructured for copy to software. Note: Input, License, Type and Mode columns deleted. Freq column formatted to number with 4 dec and Descriptions shortened, then column is cut and inserted before tones. PL/DPL removed from tones and reformatted to number with 1 dec.

Saving Excel file to CSV format for importing to ScanControl Software

  1. Saved Excel trunked system in CSV format for Import to Software.
  2. In ScanControl main page click on Import Data Files button.
  3. Navigate to and select CSV file then click Map CSV on right of dialog.
  4. Map according to needs. Note: this is a trunking system so should be Mapped accordingly. Conventional freqs. tags and tones will have Field Type options also. When this step is complete, you will be back at main SC dialog.
  5. Click Edit Banks button and make settings as in screenshot in Step 5.
  6. Tagging Scan List.

Structuring Excel file for pasting into ARC250D Software

ARC250D and likely other ARC software has a feature called Automatic Data Import (ADI) which enables one to import frequencies from any format and list them in the open software main page in vertical format eliminating the need for Paste Special in the generic section above for frequencies. All other data will need to be set by the user. Excel can receive the freqs from ADI as a 'Save to Clipboard' function, thus all data on the open software page can be prepaired in Excel and copied to the page.

  1. Structuring a bank for ARC250D software using Excel.
  2. Copy Cells A1 through K1 and down through last freq line then paste into open ARC bank page.
  3. Collect and Paste Special desired Talkgroup data as in steps 5 & 6 in Generic section above. After deleting unneeded columns, copy the ID's & Alpha tags and paste into open ARC250 Trunk Id List. Hint: If talkgroups are structured in Excel in groups of 10 one can paste up to 100 ID/w/tags in the open dialog.
  4. Use steps 7 & 8 in above generic section for collecting and sorting conventional data then set tones as indicated in screenshot 4 note.

Structuring Excel file for pasting into Win9x Software