Fayette County (KY)

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Lexington Fire Department Run Assignments:

  • Structure Fire (non-high rise): 3 - Engines, 2 - Ladders, EC Unit, District Major, Rescue Engine, Rescue 1 and EMS Supervisor.
  • Structure Fire (high rise): 4 - Engines, 2 - Ladders, 2 - EC Units, Rescue Engine, Rescue 1, 2 - District Majors, and EMS Supervisor. Confirmed fire gets an automatic second alarm.
  • Second Alarm: 2 - Engines, Ladder, EC Unit, District Major, Battalion Chief, Rescue Engine, and Mobile Air Unit.
  • Technical Rescue (Any type): Engine, Ladder, EC Unit, 2 - Rescue Engines, Rescue 1 and District Major. (Add Rescue 2 for trench or collapse. Add Hazmat 1 for confined space and trench.)
  • Private Alarm: 2 - Engine, Ladder, and District Major. (High-Rise private alarm adds one Engine.)
  • Smoke in the Structure: 2 - Engines, Ladder, EC Unit, Rescue 1 and District Major.
  • MVC with Entrapment Reported: Engine, EC Unit, Ladder, Rescue 1, District Major and EMS Supervisor.
  • MVC with no Entrapment Reported: Engine and EC Unit.
  • EMS First Responder: Closest Engine or Ladder and EC Unit. (Only respond for immediate life threatening emergencies or when requested by the EC Unit.)