Flagler County (P25) Radio IDs

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Radio IDs


  • 3604450
  • 3604452 bus?
  • 3604453
  • 3604454
  • 3604457
  • 3604460
  • 3604461
  • 3604462
  • 3604464
  • 3604465
  • 3604467
  • 3604468
  • 3604469
  • 3604536 dispatch?
  • 3604537 dispatch or maintenance?
  • 3604538
  • 3604539
  • 3604540
  • 3604541 dispatch?

The info below was logged earlier this year during testing but not seen during a monitoring session in May, 2020 IDs in bold are confirmed.

Radio ID Description
1 radio tech
2 radio tech
3 radio tech
4 radio tech
5 radio tech
7 radio tech
8 radio tech
201 radio tech
205 radio tech
911 radio tech

Flagler County P25 Radio IDs

This Wiki page is dedicated to finding the Radio Identifiers (Radio IDs) for the Flagler County Public Services P25 Trunked System.

Every Individual Talkgroup has its own designated section. For Example, all Flagler County Sheriff Radio IDs would be put in their own section, All Flagler County Fire Radio IDs would be put in their own Section, and so on and so forth. Individual Town/City Talkgroups should be placed in their own corresponding town as well. All other miscellaneous Radio IDs would be put in the "General" Radio IDs Section.

If you feel like submitting a Radio ID or just adding some notes, do not hesitate to make an edit. Please input the Radio ID in the "Radio ID" Column of these tables.
When inputting a Radio ID Please put a letter "i" in front of the ID. Example: i#######

General Radio IDs


Radio ID User/Unit Notes
i101 Dispatch
i102 Dispatch
i103 Dispatch
i104 Dispatch
i105 Dispatch
i106 Disptach

Flagler County Sheriff Radio IDs

Uniformed Sheriffs

A- Alpha
B- Bravo
C- Charlie
D- Delta

Radio ID Sector/Sheriff Notes

Flagler County Fire Rescue Radio IDs


Radio ID User/Unit Notes
E21- Palm Coast
E22- Palm Coast
E23- Palm Coast
E24- Palm Coast
E25- Palm Coast (HQ)
E41- Hammock



Radio ID User/Unit Notes
L11- Flagler Beach


Other FCFR Vehicles


Radio ID User/Unit Notes
Halifax ER (Daytona)
Florida Hospital Flagler ER (Palm Coast)


Radio ID Station Notes
11- Flagler Beach
16- Halifax
21- Palm Coast
22- Palm Coast
23- Palm Coast
24- Palm Coast
25- Palm Coast
31- Korona
41- Hammock
51 Espanola
62- Bunnel
71- St Johns Park
81- Rima Ridge
92- Airport

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