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  1. From the File pulldown, select Import then From UASD (step 1)
  2. Select the file to be imported. FreeScan will import UASD files for the BCT15,BCD996T, BC246 or BCD396T (step 2)
  3. The results of importing a conventional system are shown in step 3. A new system will be allocated for the data.
  4. The results of importing a trunked system are shown in step 4. Like step 3, a new system will be allocated for the data
  5. Edit the results - change quick keys, file names, ect. Insure that the system is not locked out. If you wish to use Control Channel Only mode when trunking, you should eliminate the voice channels to conserve memory space. Check the RadioReference database for your area for more information.
  6. See the Limitations article for important information on limits and known issues
  7. If you need to import multiple files, use the Bulk Import function. Simply ctrl-click on the number of files you wish to import, or use control-A to select the entire directory. FreeScan will assign a new system for each file.

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