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Welcome to the view pulldown article. The system view is defined as the area on the left of the screen with a white background. It shows the current systems, sites and groups in a tree structure.


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This function changes the color for displaying sites and groups with talkgroups. This makes it a bit easier to spot the difference between the two, particularly if you have a large number of sites and systems defined.


if you have a large amount of systems, by default when FreeScan draws them in the system view it will expand to show the groups. However, this can take a lot of time to draw with a huge number of system, so with Autoexpand on, it only displays the system and doesnt automatically expand them to show the groups and sites. On Auto mode it just chooses for you.

View System Types

This function shows all the system types for those in the system view.

View Quick Keys

This function shows all the quick keys (group, site and system) in the system view.


The sort function is context sensitive. If the system view shows only site names (as in the example), then the sort will alphabetize the list of names. The same occurs with quick keys.

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