Freescan Windows Installs

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Full Install

Installing FreeScan is quite easy, just follow the prompts;

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After you see the confirmation screen, click the Next button and the installer will copy files and write registry entries. When the process is finished, create a shortcut to put on your desktop through Explorer, the Start menu, etc.

Note that the .Net framework is required for FreeScan. If you are using XP or 2000, and you don't have this installed, the installer will attempt to download it from the Microsoft website, or you can download it via the link on the download page on the FreeScan website.

Note that previous versions (from .8) should be uninstalled before installing a new version.

Vista Installation Notes

  • If you get messages that .ocx files are missing when you try to execute after installation, download the bat file that is linked in the downloads section (where you got the software) and execute.
  • If you are using Vista x64, it extracts to c:\program files; but it has to go to c:\program files(x86)

Thanks to cell21633 and zzdiesel for the Vista notes


  • FreeScan can now be added as an association for a .996 file type; that is to say that if you click on a 996 file, FreeScan will start up automatically. This is usually set up in Windows Explorer. It can also use a file name on a command line. NEW .9g

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