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This software works with the following scanners;

GRE Model Older RS Model Newest RS Model Whistler Model
PSR-500 Pro-106 Pro-651 WS1040
PSR-600 Pro-197 Pro-652 WS1065
  1. Trunking w/ Analog Voice Only scanners, others shown in table can handle up-to Digital P25 Phase I

  • You will have to
  1. Subscribe to RadioReference. The process is described here
  2. Install WIN500
  3. Buy the programming cable and install the drivers for it. If this is new to you, read the Connecting scanners via USB article
  • GOOD INFO Read the Guide to WIN500 first
  • For a basic demonstration on how to use this software check out this video.
    • Use this site as a visual reference and follow the instructions below as a walk through that may help. The WARNING note in the above site (step 7) was a bit vague and can cause some trouble, so there are some additional tips.
  • (If you’ve already got things messed up or not sure what’s in the scanner memory, then start here. If not, go to number 2 and begin)
  1. SET MEMORY TO DEFAULT (except V-Scanner Folders) – Press 0 when turning radio on. When Welcome message comes up, press 1 and then press ENT (enter).
  2. WIN500 – “FILE” then “Web Import” then “Radio Reference” then pick either TRUNKING or CONVENTIONAL system you’re importing.
  3. Enter your Radio Reference “User Name” and “Password” then click “START”
  4. COUNTRY field turns blue. Enter info here and the STATE and then the COUNTY that you want to scan.
  5. The SYSTEM field turns blue and by clicking on it the different systems available for your county appear.
  6. After picking the system you want, you will see a white area with “SITES” and “TALKGROUP groups”. This is where things can get messed up the first time because the “WARNING” part of the instructions were a bit vague even though it’s probably obvious to some, but for those that are brand new to scanning it just takes a little time.
  7. You are required to select a SITE here as well as the talk groups you want to scan. You will have to click on the ”+” by the “SITE” to open this folder and select a site inside this folder. You are then required to click on the “+” by “TALKGROUPS” and then pick the groups you want to scan. BUT you are required to PICK LESS THAN 32 ID’S. (My area had 24 ID’S in the county and city police, so that’s all I picked for my first upload). LOOK AT THE LIST. If you're not interested in some IDs, don’t check them. At the bottom of the white space, you will see a block titled SELECTED TALK GROUPS. This is the number that must remain below 32.
  8. After you have selected your TALKGROUPS, you click on IMPORT THIS SYSTEM.
  9. Now you should be looking at WEB IMPORT SETTINGS. Enter a name for SYSTEM TAGS. This is what will show in your scanner window as each scanner group is scanned ”POLICE”, “EMS”, “FIRE RESCUE” etc…then assign a TARGET SCAN LIST FOR TGRP’s and an ALPHA TAG. NOW click on “OK”
  10. You will now be back to the Talk Group List. Go to the top right hand corner and click on “DONE”. You should be back to the WIN500 home page.
  11. Click on the SCANNER tab at the top drop down menu and click on UPLOAD TO SCANNER.
  12. You will see the files on the computer and on the scanner window uploading. Your scanner will reboot and you should be listening to your 1st scan list, or SCAN LIST 1 and seeing the name you put in.
  14. After you complete uploading additional SCAN LISTS (SCAN LIST 2, SCAN LIST 3 etc….) you simply push number 2 to toggle SCAN LIST 2 to ON, number 3 to toggle SCAN LIST 3 to ON and so forth. You can toggle each SCAN LIST off and in in this manner to scan as many as you want.

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Originally written by Randall53 on 12/26/2010