Grant County (WA)

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Grant County Public Safety

Multi-Agency Communications Center

All Law Enforcement agencies in Grant County, except the Washington State Patrol, contract their dispatch duties to the Multi-Agency Communications Center, also known as MACC.

Primary Channel

158.91 PL-156.7 Primary Dispatch for the following Police Departments:

Grant County Sheriff's Office - Callsigns - GT-##,
Ephrata Police - Callsigns - 2Edward##,
Soap Lake Police -Callsigns - Sam Lincoln #,
Coulee City Police - Callsigns - 50#,
Grand Coulee Police - Callsigns - 4George##.

The Channel is referred to as "Dispatch". (IE - MACC to all patrols, Dispatch is closed for emergency traffic only)

158.85 PL-156.7 Primary Dispatch for:

Moses Lake Police - Callsigns - 1##
Quincy Police - Callsigns - 3##
Warden Police - Callsigns - 6##
Mattawa Police - Callsigns - 8Mary##
Royal City Police - Callsigns - 7Robert##

The Channel is referred to as "Data", but used for all dispatch responsibilities for the above agencies.

155.7000 PL-156.7 County wide Car to Car. Available to ALL agencies in the county.

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