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=== City / County ===
=== City / County ===
[ San Antonio EDACS Trunking System]
[ San Antonio EDACS Trunking System]
The primary system in use in San Antonio and Bexar County.  Talkgroups in use for the response include
The primary system in use in San Antonio and Bexar County.  Talkgroups in use for the response include

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Houston Metro Area Response

Corpus Christi Metro Area Response

San Antonio Metro Area Response

City / County

San Antonio EDACS Trunking System

The primary system in use in San Antonio and Bexar County. Talkgroups in use for the response include

1898 - M AID-25 - Bexar County / San Antonio Command Post (patched to 333 - SAPD 1-O Traffic)
1908 - M AID-34 - Texas Task Force Dispatch and Tasking
1825 - M AID-46 - Patch to VTAC11 - 151.1375
1902 - M AID-29 - Patch has been setup to TG 1820 (Unknown) 

Mutual Aid Frequencies

159.4725/C156.7 - Car to car, waiting for traffic, turn on this street, etc - VTAC 14 
151.1375/C156.7 - VTAC11
154.2725/C156.7 - VFIRE24 
154.2650/156.7 VFIRE22 - "All strike team leaders, all MVP leaders report to Command Post"
154.2725/156.7 VFIRE24 - "We're picking up supplies now at the Freeman"
155.7525/C156.7 - VCALL 10 - car to car, "find a big truck stop to stop at."
159.4725/C156.7 - VTAC 14 - "All units on VTAC 14, we are also waiting for ten buses and an 
       EMT AM-BUS to go with our convoy as  well."
851.5125/C156.7 - 8TAC91
852.5125/C156.7 - 8TAC93
453.8625/C156.7 - UTAC 43 - "walk me through and we can set up the apparatus radio."
453.2125/C156.7 - UCALL 40 - Radio tests

State Government

156.2175 (P25) - [ DPS Air ] - DPS-107 is helping with traffic coordination on the interstates
155.445 (P25) - [ DPS Mobile 1 ] Car to Car for units arriving into San Antonio to coordinate 
156.1350/C100.0 TXDOT Talk 4 - "Traiffic is going 65, barely"
159.4350/C114.8 - Discussing hotel, restaurant, downtown. TX Forest Tac 7.
159.2850/C156.7 - Texas A&M Forest Service COMPACT
159.2850/C156.7 - Forestry COMPACT - several units talking.
159.4350/C114.8 - Forestry TAC 7 - "I'm in the parking lot getting loaded up, come over here
151.4750/C114.8 - TX Forest TAC 8 - Mobile to mobile
159.2850/C156.7 - TX COMPACT - "We may have to divert to Corpus, I37 will be the route."
159.4350/C114.8 - TX Forest TAC 7 - Looking for a What-A-Burger

Federal Operations

410.8375/C167.9 - "Texas Task Force" - IR12/IR18 - SAR Incident Command
165.2125 - P25 Encrypted Voice, NAC 001-SS
165.3750 - P25 Data bursts NAC 001-SS
166.7375/$314 - A convoy or group of vehicles traveling together on I-37
170.88125 P25 NAC 167 FBI
163.1125 NAC 169 CBP


36.900/C150.0 - Army NG Helicopters en-route Corpus Christi
42.5000/150.0 - "It will be awhile before they arrive" <local>
55.0000/150.0 - "Commo One"

Amateur Radio / Volunteers

47.4200/146.2 - Red Cross, no audio, someone keying a mic