IC-F7010S/T, IC-F7020S/T, IC-F7040S/T, IC-F7510, IC-F7520, IC-F7540

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General Specifications

  • 1024 channels capacity with 128 zones (upgradable to 2000 channels)
  • Portables: IC-F7010S/T [136–174MHz], IC-F7020S/T [380–470MHz, 450–520MHz], IC-F7040S/T [700/800MHz]
  • Mobiles: IC-F7510 [136-174MHz], IC-F7520 [380-470MHz], IC-F7540 [700/800MH]
  • FM, APCO P25
  • Emission Types: 11K0F3E, 8K50F3E, 8K10F1E/F1D, 8K10F1W, 16K0F3E (FCC Part 90 Restricted 25 kHz Option)
  • Enhanced dual rate Vocoder, AMBE+2
  • Built-in bluetooth, voice recording and P25 packet data (GPS) functions
  • Optional UT-134 non-FIPS AES/DES encryption or UT-125 AES/DES FIPS compliant encryption available
  • MDC 1200 Available
  • Man Down function
  • MIL-810 F
  • IP68 (submersible protection)
  • Built-in audio compander (Analog)
  • Built-in inversion type voice scrambler (Analog)
  • VOX function for hands-free operation
  • Talk around function
  • CTCSS and DTCS encoder and decoder (Analog)
  • DTMF autodial (Analog)
  • 2-Tone encoder and decoder* and MDC 1200 compatible (Analog)
  • ICOM IC-7000 series P25 portables web page
  • ICOM IC-7500 series P25 mobiles web page

Optional License Features

  • ISL-P25DS P25 Packet Data
  • ISL-P25VS P25 Conventional Vote Scan
  • ISL-P25TR P25 Phase 1 Trunking
  • ISL-P25P2 P25 Phase 2 Trunking
  • ISL-P25AES AES Encryption
  • ISL-P25FP Front Panel Programming
  • ISL-P25W 25 kHz Wideband FM (FCC part 90 restricted option)