Jefferson County (FL)

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Welcome to the Jefferson County, Florida collaboration article. This is where you, the user, may index any articles you develop for scanning related topics for your area.

Jefferson County Fire/Rescue

  • Ashville Area V.F.D. Inc. - 10108 Ashville Hwy. (aka County Road 146) between E. 1st St. & E. 2nd Way,Greenville
  • Jefferson County Fire/Rescue -
    • Current Sta. - 57 Martin Rd. between S. Jefferson St. (aka US-19/State Road 57) & S. Waukeenah St.,Monticello (Engine 1/Tanker 1/Tanker 5/Squad 1/Amb. 3-1/Amb. 3-2/Amb. 3-3/Amb. 3-4/Amb. 3-5)
    • Former Sta. - 1456 S. Jefferson St. (aka US-19/State Road 57) between Fairchild Rd. & W. Cherokee Ave.,Monticello (Former Sta. sits at the following coordinates: 30.530830/-83.871812)
  • Lamont V.F.D. - 9841 S. Salt Rd. (aka County Road 257) across from J.C. Lee Rd.,Lamont (Sta. sits at the following coordinates: 30.380059/-83.813430)
  • Lloyd V.F.D. - 8747 Old Lloyd Rd. (aka County Road 158) between Main St. & St. Louis Rd.,Monticello
  • Monticello V.F.D. Inc. - 1255 N. Jefferson St. (aka US-19/State Road 57) @ Scott Dr.,Monticello (Bays face Scott Dr.) (Engine 2/Engine 3/Brush 2)
  • Wacissa Springs V.F.D. - 14496 Waukeenah Hwy. (aka County Road 259) across from Granger Hightower Ln. (aka Thomas Ln.),Monticello (Engine 7) (Sta. sits behind the Wacissa United Methodist Church)

Jefferson County Fire Pager Tones

Jefferson County F.D. Tone Outs (453.625 MHz)
                              Tone A    Tone B
Monticello City Volunteers    1321.2    1285.8 
Lloyd V.F.D.                   399.8     569.1 
Wacissa V.F.D.                1217.8    1122.5