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|Stateforum=[ {{color|white|Iowa Forum}}] }}
== Linn & Johnson County Emergency Communications Centers ==
JCOM = Johnson Communications
LECC = Linn Emergency Communications Center
This system is based on the separate systems that were installed by agencies within each county. They are a 800 MHz Motorola APCO25 simulcast Digital Protocol trunked System. They are linked together to allow each other's sites to pickup and re-transmit the units of either county on the appropriate talkgroup.
On this System both radio groups and radio ids (RID) begin with the county number which is 52 for Johnson County and 57 for Linn County.
=== Radio Identifications === 
Listed below are some radio ids that have been seen on
==== Johnson County RIDs ====
*5200005 JCOM Dispatcher
*5200123 JCOM Dispatcher
==== Linn County RIDs ====
*5700001 Linn Co Dispatch
*5700003 Linn Co Dispatch
*5710001 CRPD Dispatcher
*5710006 CRPD Dispatcher
*5710008 CRPD Dispatcher
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