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Notes and Instructions

When creating a new wiki page or link, name it with the City or Municipality, then a comma, then the state code, then a dash, then a description of the live scanner. Example:

San Antonio, TX -- Live Scanner in San Antonio, TX

Info about IRLP Echolink

If you have IRLP Hardware, Software and a Website linked to IRLP Echolink audio feed add to the IRLP list below and at Live Streaming Audio.

Checkout the Connected Nodes and Reflector status

IRLP Amateur Radio Audio Feeds

Dallas Echolink ARICC - Ham Echolink - *ARES* Conference

Live (IRLP - Internet Radio Linking Project - Crossroads Reflector 9200)

ÿ (K2EAG IRLP Node 4461 Reflector 9055 - Covering Western New York, North Western Pennsylvania and More)

Live (IRLP - Internet Radio Linking Project - Hurricane Net)

Live (IRLP - Internet Radio Linking Project - Reflector 9205 Nets)

IRLP Reflector 9010 Discovery

N1LFE Repeater (147.505) in the New England Network 9877

N6ICW IRLP Node 7650 Reflector 9351 (N6ICW Repeater 147.195 Sacramento, Ca.)

(VK3RTL EchoIRLP system, IRLP 6390, EchoLink VK3RTL-R.)

Win System - 440 Linked System

Other Amateur Radio Audio Feeds and Websites

CA - K6DXC Live Ham Shack Video from Oakdale, CA Welcome To K6DXC Live Ham Shack Video

CA - Sylmar K6HOG Contractors Peak 445.040 MHz repeater - K6HOG, K6HOG FLYING-PIG.NET: Contractors Peak - Sylmar, CA 445.040 MHz repeater - K6HOG

CA - W6OCS Amateur Radio Repeater, Welcome to the W6OCS Amateur Radio Repeater

IL - Kankakee W9AZ 146.94 repeater Kankakee, KARS Main Page

K0KKV Audio On The Internet NB - K0KKV - Lincoln Amateur Radio Club - Lincoln, Nebraska

NYC - (The hottest 440 machine in NYC!: WB2HWW Repeater), WB2HWW, The hottest 440 machine in NYC! - Home

WI - fm38.mp3.m3u N9GMT FM38, FM38 Repeater Group : HomePage

Websites that have audio feed links for Fire and Police - Web Links

Mattlogic Online Scanners - live Police, Fire and EMS scanners - Scanning The Globe


The Listening Post - Dispatch Center

Suffolk County, NY - PD

Website's that has submit audio feed for Fire, Police and other

Ham Radio Audio and Resources - Web Links

The Listening Post - Contact Us - Submit your feed - Feed Submission