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Monroe County, Ohio
County Number 56
OSP District 7 (Cambridge)
OSP Post 7 (St. Clairsville)
ODOT District 10 (Marietta)
MARCS Zone 4
NWS Office Pittsburgh
FIPS Code 39111

Monroe County Database
Monroe County Live Audio
Ohio Forum

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Info from the DB

UHF frequencies listed for Fire / EMS are the countywide channel plan; any frequency can be used by any department, but agencies generally tend to stick to the particular frequency of the tower nearest their coverage area...

As of 2016, Monroe County Fire and EMS units occasionally use MARCS-IP (TG 34515) but most operations are still conducted on the listed UHF frequencies...

As of 2016, All Monroe County Law Enforcement radio traffic is conducted on MARCS_IP...

It is uncertain however if the following UHF radio plan is still in use as a backup or if this information is now for historical purposes only...

Aside from the Sheriff's Dept, Woodsfield Police is the only other law enforcement agency in the county... Woodsfield Police uses the radio contact unit number "3-2" and is dispatched by and conducts operations on 453.250 "West" channel...

LE users refer to the Hannibal tower (453.300) as "Riverfront" and refer to the Brownsville tower (453.250) as "West"

Fire Departments

  • Squad 1 - Antioch
  • Squad 2 - Beallsville
  • Squad 3 - Clarington
  • Squad 4 - Woodsfield
  • Squad 5 - Sardis
  • Squad 6 - Bethel

Antioch, Beallsville, Lewisville and Woodsfield VFDs use 453.750

Bethel/Graysville Fire-EMS use 33.90

Clarington VFD uses 453.5875

Sardis VFD uses 460.600