Premium Feeds

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Stay Tuned..... Premium Feed Broadcast Offerings are coming soon!

For $14.95 per month per feed, premium feed broadcasters will have the following features available:

  • 90 day archive retention
  • Ability to automatically trim dead air from archives
  • Brand free set of Web players
  • No ads on your Web players or feeds
  • User defined lead-in audio feature
  • Private Feed support with authentication (public, private, private with login)
  • Complete access to all mount points and server details - do what you want with your feed, anywhere, anytime.
  • Audio archives available to everyone, not just premium subscribers
  • Full archive access via API to display archive files and lists on your sites/systems.
  • Full downloadable statistics
  • Alerts based on numbers of listeners

These features are currently being beta tested and rolled out during the week of August 16th, 2010. Once we bring them public you will be able to sign up and upgrade your feed to premium status on this page.