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A Uniden (and Uniden OEM) feature that allows you to scan cars in Race systems preprogrammed into the scanner. Also included are preprogrammed Conventional systems (Officials, Scoring, Media, etc.) for the race systems. You can also program your own race systems. As of this writing, the SC230, BR330T, and Radio Shack Pro-137 have this feature.

Race systems allow you to program cars (by car number), program drivers for the cars (by name), program multiple frequencies (and PL/DPL, attenuation, receive mode, priority, and alert/tone settings) for each car and driver, and assign the car a quick key (0-9, just like a group quick key for a regular system).

You can program as many 'Race' systems as you please but the scanner will only let you scan 1 race system at a time (along with any other conventional and/or trunking systems). You actually have to 'unlock' (like search with scan) a race system to be able to scan it. Unlocking a race system locks out any previously unlocked race system. And, for those reasons, Race systems don't have quick keys.

One trick would be to program a conventional system as a race system, use the car number as a channel number, and the driver name (only 12 characters) for the alpha tag because race systems show the frequency and driver name in the display.

I've been able to program over 200 cars (Butel software only sees 100) and program at least 150 freqs for each driver in a race system (saves on alpha tagging multiple freqs per agency). The only drawbacks are that it takes longer to upload to the scanner and 'conventional programmed as race' systems use up a bit more memory this way.