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In the past decade, air medical transport companies have rapidly expanded their coverage of SC, providing an important resource for critically ill patients. There are currently 4 level I trauma centers in SC: Palmetto Richland in Columbia, Greenville Memorial Hospital in Greenville, Spartanburg Regional in Spartanburg, and MUSC in Charleston. Level II trauma centers include AnMed in Anderson and Grand Strand Regional in Myrtle Beach. Additionally, patients in areas bordering other states may be transported by helicopter to trauma centers outside the state including MCG in Augusta, GA, Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, NC, Memorial Medical Center in Savannah, GA and New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington, NC. The medical helicopters are owned and operated by private companies, many of which have contracts with specific hospitals.

Upstate Helicopters

MedTrans One coverage
  • GHS MedTrans Greenville Hospital System, Greenville - dispatched on Palmetto 800 talkgroup 51712.
  • LifeFlight AnMed Health, Anderson - dispatched on Palmetto 800 talkgroup 51701.
  • Regional One Spartanburg Regional Medical Center, Spartanburg - dispatched on Palmetto 800 talkgroup 48642.

The above 3 helicopters are owned by MedTrans corporation and are coordinated on Palmetto 800 digital talkgroup 51704.

  • MedCenter Air Charlotte, NC. Dispatched on 155.3250 PL 91.5. The helicopter also operates on the Charlotte-Mecklenburg trunked radio system as well as NC VIPER and Palmetto 800 digital talkgroup 51705.

Midlands Helicopters

  • LifeNet 1 Typically based at Irmo
  • LifeNet 2 Typically based at Camden
  • LifeNet 3 Typically based at Orangeburg
  • LifeNet 4 Typically based at Walterboro
  • LifeNet 6 Typically based at Conway
  • LifeNet 7 Typically based at North Charleston

SC LifeNet is a division of Air Methods Corporation. SC LifeNet was formed when SC LifeNet took over two helicopters in Columbia (Palmetto Health's CareForce and Providence Hospital's LifeReach). SC LifeNet now operates several helicopters out of bases in Irmo, Camden, Manning, Orangeburg, Walterboro, and Augusta. Dispatched on Palmetto 800 talkgroup 28609. Patient reports to Palmetto Richland occur on Palmetto 800 talkgroup 28606.

  • LifeNet Links
  • MCG LifeNet MCG, Augusta, GA. Operates on Palmetto 800 talkgroup 6304 when flying in SC and the Augusta, GA area.
  • AirMed Augusta, GA. Operates on Palmetto 800 talkgroup 38368. Dispatched by MTC FlightComm (Greenville, SC).

Lowcountry Helicopters

  • Meducare Air MUSC, Charleston. Dispatched on Palmetto 800 talkgroup 10394.
  • LifeNet Charleston 7 formerly OmniFlight. Dispatched on Palmetto 800 talkgroup 6304 and 41216.
  • LifeCare 5 based in Conway. Dispatched on Palmetto 800 talkgroup 6304 and 41216.
  • LifeStar 1 based in Savannah, GA. Operates on Palmetto 800 talkgroup 6304 when flying in SC.
  • Air Reach based in Florence/Mullins. Operated by MedTrans Corp. Dispatched by MTC Flightcomm (Greenville) on Palmetto 800 talkgroup 51703.

Other Monitoring Tips

  • Helicopters often communicate with the requesting agency on the agency's VHF/UHF frequencies and/or Palmetto 800 talkgroups.
  • Palmetto 800 talkgroup 20021 "SC Air-to-Ground" is frequently used for helicopter-to-landing zone communications.
  • 155.3400 Statewide VHF Ambulance to Hospital
  • Many of the helicopters can be heard communicating with each other on aeronautical frequencies, including Helicopter Air-to-Air 123.0250.
  • On Horry County TRS the designated Air to Ground talkgroup is Tac 10 - 48368

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