San Diego County (CA) Rancho Santa Fe FPD

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Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District

  • HQ - 18027 Calle Ambiente between Del Dios Hwy. & Camino De La Dora,Rancho Santa Fe
  • Sta. #1 - 16936 El Fuego between La Granada & La Sendita,Rancho Santa Fe (KRK966)
  • Sta. #2 - 16930 Four Gee Rd. between Tallus Glen & Campania Ave.,Rancho Santa Fe (The Training Facility is also at this location)
  • Sta. #3 - 6424 El Apajo across from Helen Woodward Way,Rancho Santa Fe
  • Sta. #4 - 18040 Calle Ambiente @ Del Dios Hwy.,Rancho Santa Fe

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