Saskatchewan Natural Resources (SK)

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  • SaskEnvironment has 3DES Motorola APCO P25 radios for use on the PPSTN.
  • S.E. conventional radios (BK and TAD) are analogue only and used for northern forest fire fighting operations.
  • Frequency Range TX 163.4000-to-163.5600MHz and RX Frequency Range 162.7200-to-162.7800.


  • The PPSTN system is divided into Five Zones or Districts.
  • TG 6000 is used by Dispatch
  • TG 6001 is used for Zone 1 Grassland
  • TG 6002 is used for Zone 2 Parkland
  • TG 6003 is used for Zone 3 Boreal
  • TG 6004 is used for Zone 4 East Boreal
  • TG 6005 is used for Zone 5 West Boreal

Additional Talkgroups in S.E. radios

  • TG 6076 Interagency HTP
  • TG 4051 Interagency FIRE
  • TG 151 Interagency RCMP

S.E. Radio IDs

  • All radios have full keypads (I-Call ready)
  • SE units use I-Calls on a regular basis.
  • Start at 2261370 and go up to 2261700

Map coded location/possition info

  • Saskatchewan's conservation officers use a code system to give their location to the dispatch centre in Prince Albert. You can make your own S.E. coded position map using a Saskatchewan Grid Road Map. You can get one of these maps at any RM office or from SARM. Now that you have a map we can start at the south east corner at the bottom, number is 30 under it mark 99 now move to the west under # 31 mark 98 and so on all the way to the south west corner of the map the last number is 35. Now go back to the south east corner but this time on the side of the map number is 1 mark beside this AR then moving north 2 is BR and so on to 26 mark ZR. Number 27 becomes AS and so on north to 52 becomes ZS. 53 is AT and so on moving north all the way up to the last ZT is located at Sisipuk Lake. Now go back down the east side you just finished to where you marked GS and mark 99 just to the west of it,like you did at the bottom of this map. (This line goes west through the Quill Lakes south of Saskatoon). Moving to the west on this line mark 98 and 97 there is no #95 or #96 the next number is 94 and so on all the way to the last number on the west side of the map #37. Now go and mark the middle and the west side of your map the same as you did on the east side. Now when officer 173 gives his location as Hotel Romeo 81 you will know he is in Weyburn or when officer 224 gives his location as JS 60 you will know he is in Saskatoon. This code system was broken a couple of months after they started using it on the old FleetNet radio system.