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Q8: Is it possible to "TrunkTrack" without a TrunkTracker?

    It didn't used to be, but times change and YES! It is
    now possible to track the trunks without a 'real'
    TrunkTracker Scanner, and better, for that matter!!!

    Like the other subjects in this FAQ, it all begins with
    a Data Decoder Interface. See Q&A #4 and Note 10 in that
    answer for the tiny extra addition you need to make to
    the Decoder Interface.

    Next, you need a PRO-2004, PRO-2005, or PRO-2006
    scanner, although we hope to add other scanners to the
    list in due time.  For now, it's one of those three.

      NOTE: It is possible to track the trunks with a
            AR-8000 and perhaps with one of the Opto
            Interfaces, but these are specialized situations
            where detailed info must be found elsewhere.

    Then you need a CE-232 Scanner/Computer Interface (or
    its predecessor, the HB-232). You will also need the
    hot, new Windows program for the CE/HB-232 called

    Lastly, you need one fairly modern computer, Pentium 133
    or better, for the easiest way to track the trunks, but
    there is another way almost as easy, if you have two
    computers, one a 486DX2/66 or better and the other, a
    PC-386 or better.

    There are other requirements, too, but the above are the
    main ones.  It is beyond the scope of this FAQ to spell
    out all the details, but the V8N9 issue of the monthly
    World Scanner Report tells it all.  You can order this
    or any other back issue of the World Scanner Report
    since Jan-91, including 6-mo and 1-yr subscriptions.

    You can also download a more detailed text file on
    TrunkFollowing with the PRO-2004/5/6 from my FTP site at:

    For more information on the Pro-Turbo software for the
    HB/CE-232, contact:

    Paul E. Turton
    RR # 3; Wainfleet, Ontario Canada L0S 1V0
    E-mail:  or

    For more information on the CE-232 Interface, you can
    download a file called PRODINFO.ZIP from:

    or you can view and download all the individual files
    from the \CE-232 directory.  Or, you can ask for it as
    an e-mail file attachment from:

    or see the information in my signature box below.

    But yes, it is now possible to track the trunks without
    a TrunkTracker scanner, and do it better than any of the
    "real" TrunkTracker scanners!  The cost can be a lot
    less than the cost of a real TrunkTracker, too. The cost
    largely depends on what you already have, or can
    scrounge up, but at worst, it's well within the budget
    of many scannists.

Note: The programs mentioned here are of course not available as stated; however, a search of the RR forums show a reference to this interface and supporting software in this thread.
Programs such as Trunker and UniTrunker can also provide trunktracking, using a 2nd radio connected through a COM port. One radio supplies the data from the control channel, the other becomes the 'tracker'. Please check out our Trunked Radio Decoders article for information on these and other such programs.

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