Software Support for Uniden Rebanding

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Please use this article to document how to enter the Rebanding changes outlined below in the various software packages that support Uniden scanners.


  • XT version scanners already have the firmware updates to support rebanding. Non-XT scanners will need to undergo the appropriate firmware updates. These updates are listed here. Note that systems that are true P25 types would not require entry of the table values below, as they should get all the necessary information from the control channel.

Band Plan Base Freq (lower) Base Freq (upper) Offset Polarity Spacing
1 851.025 854.000 440 + 25 khz
2 851.0125 868.9875 0 + 25 khz

Shuffled Band Plan

As of this writing, Grundy County Illinois is using a new Motorola 'Shuffled' band plan. Per UPMan in this thread, the following settings seem to work;

  • Base 1: 851.0125
  • Step 1: 25 kHz
  • Offset 1: 319
  • Polarity: Negative (-)

  • Base 2: 851.0125
  • Step 2: 12.5 kHz
  • Offset 2: 559
  • Polarity: Negative (-)

  • Base 3: 851 or 851.0125 or 851.025
  • Step 3: 25 kHz
  • Offset 3: 759
  • Polarity: Negative (-)

Other trunk systems may follow suit in the future. More research in this area is required.

Software Support

The following software packages are known to support rebanding.

  • BC246.TCL for the BC246- Macs, Unix and Windows (TCL/TK) support - freeware
  • BuTel Software
    • ARC-XT (for the Uniden XT DMA scanners)
    • ARC396
    • ARC996
    • ARC246 (as of version 3.1)
    • ARC15 (as of version 3)
    • ARC330
Unknown Rebanding Support

Additional Information requested...


To access this screen, change the site type to Mot Custom/Reband. If you are using the RR Trunk Import, and the rebanded flag has been turned on in the database, FreeScan automatically adds the appropriate values into the table.


  • NOTE: Although ProScan supports the BC250/785, rebanding is not supported in these models.


  1. On the 'Database' Row, click on 'Trunk Bank Settings' (figure 1)
  2. Fill in the values as shown (figure 2)

DMA Scanners

  1. Below the Systems tab, hit 'Add' (figure 1)
  2. On the System pulldown, select 'MOT 800 Mhz Custom' (figure 2)
  3. In the System tree, click on the system name. Figure 3 results (partially shown to conserve space)
  4. Click on the 'Band Plan' button
  5. Fill in the data as shown (figure 4)

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