Tama County (IA)

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== Users on Tama County Frequencies ==

-151.265 "Sheriff Repeater"- Used by Tama County Sheriff's office, Dysart Police, and Tama County Conservation officers.
-154.830 "Ops"- Used by Tama Police, Toledo Police, and Meskwaki Nation Police
-154.205 "Fire dispatch" - Used to dispatch all fire and ambulances in the county by tones
-159.240 "Fire Ops" - Used for fire and ambulance units who are responding and/or on a scene.
-159.435 "Tama Car" - Used for car to car communications between Tama Police. Sometimes shared with Toledo.
-154.100 "Toledo Car" - Used for car to car communications between Toledo Police. Sometimes shared with Tama.

== Unit Number Descriptions for Law Enforcement ==

- 86-1 through 86-14 - Tama County Sheriff's Deputies. Lower numbers are higher seniority. Sheriff's reserves go by SR-1 through SR-6
- 86-18 - Shared by Tama County Conservation officers.
- 86-40 through 86-49 - Toledo Police.
- 86-51 through 86-55 - Tama Police. Tama Reserves go by TR-1 through TR-5
- 86-61 through 86-68 - Meskwaki Nation Police
- 86-81 through 86-83 - Dysart Police Department

Tama County Fire Tone Out Motorola Quick Call 2 1+1 154.205MHz

  • Advanced Life Support A)746.8 B)669.9
  • Elberon Fire and EMS A)1063.2 B)1092.4
  • Dysart Ambulance Set 1 A)726.8 B)553.9 Set 2 A)726.8 B)651.9
  • Garwin Fire & Ambulance A)617.7 B)584.8
  • Gladbrook Fire and Ambulance A)1321.2 B)422.1
  • Montour Fire and EMS A)651.9 B)584.8
  • Tama Fire A)707.3 B)569.1
  • Tama Ambulance A)707.3 B)669.9
  • Toledo Ambulance A)1494 B)1340 <--Non-Standard Tones and rarely used
  • Toledo Fire and Ambulance A)330.5 B)349.0
  • Traer Ambulance A)818 B)773 <--Non-Standard Tones
  • Traer Fire A)668 B)713 <--Non-Standard Tones
  • Vining Fire A)688.3 B)584.8